Kongra Star: Media attack against Besê Hozat targets free women

Kongra Star Coordination in Rojava released written statement that related about the media attack against the co-chair of the Kurdistan Community Union Besê Hozat by channel Kurdistan 24

The statement said:

“In the name of Kongra Star we consider that the media attack that targeted the the co-chair of the Kurdistan Community Union Besê Hozat, is an attack against all revolutionary women and freedom fighters, this immoral insult directed against the generous woman and express the fear in the hearts of enemies because they are afraid of the resistance and revolutionary women, and therefore they are launching immoral and wrongful attacks aimed at undermining the will of the women, this attack targeting women resistance and revolutionary directed against the free democratic system.

The statement pointed out that the channel mentioned in the direct program insults to ” Besê Hozat, ” and stressed that such attacks will only escalate the revolution of establishing women free and democracy, “These attacks, the insults will lead to an escalation of the revolution of establishing free and democratic women against the authoritarian mentality, the mentality of the occupation and against the system of slavery. ”

The violent attack against the co-chair of the regime of the democratic confederation and the violent attack targeting the people of south Kurdistan by the Turkish state and its agents from the Kurdistan Democratic Party.”




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