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Deir ez-Zour women celebrate march 8th

The events kicked off  in the Seven Kilo region, with the participation of all the workers in the civil institutions, leaders of the Syrian Democratic Forces, members of the internal security forces, and representatives of women’s councils in the lines, as well as a large number of women in the region, dressed in their folkloric costumes.

The stage and the ceremony square, were decorated with banners calling for women’s freedom and reviving their struggles, including the banners “In the spirit of the martyr, Hevrin, perfume of the jasmine of march 8th smells”, “Our struggle is freedom and resistance is victory”, under the administration of the free women people triumph”, in addition to wreaths, Women Protection Unit flags, and pictures of martyrs.

The event began with a minute of silence on the spirits of the martyrs, and then the welcoming speech was delivered by the administrator in the department of women Malak al-Sabah, through which she congratulated women on International Women’s Day, and said: “We, as women of Deir ez-Zour for the first time celebrate women’s day, This is proof that women are regaining their place and celebrating their anniversary,” she said, adding, “We will not forget the great credit to our martyrs and promise them on this occasion that we will follow their path, until we achieve what they have been pleased for.”

The co-chair of Deir ez-Zour Civil Council, Leila al-Hassan, addressed the women at the beginning of her speech, congratulating women on this occasion, saying: “Women have always sought to support and strengthen their role and develop themselves, but the extremist factions have not allowed them to organize themselves, to obtain their rights, as a result of these forces, the revolution of women was born, and resistance, reached its goal. Today the woman of the country, proudly drew the map of her freedom again, and recovered all her stolen rights, and took the support they needed to face the troubles of life.”

At the end of her speech, Laila congratulated all the women of the world and the women of northeastern Syria in particular.

The co-chair of the Council of Martyrs Families, Wafa al-Jalal, also delivered a speech in which she congratulated the International Day on all the women of the world, saying: “We women have sought to change and rise freely of women, to prove to the world that women in northern and eastern Syria deserve to have leading role and capable of managing society.”

 “Women have struggled, resisted and sacrificed for their freedom and achieving their will. By their will they have been able to escape the injustice that they have suffered over the years. We will continue the march of the martyrs and take the women who are fighting in all fields as our role models.”

She then concluded her speech by saying that “the revolution that does not contain women in its ranks cannot succeed”, and urged all women who have struggled to this moment to continue to build a democratic society based on equality between men and women.”

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