Kongra Star congratulates Yezidis on Red Wednesday

In a statement, Kongra Star Coordination congratulated the Yezidis on the Red Wednesday, wishing the feast would be an occasion for more harmony among the peoples of the region.

In its written statement, the coordination called for the celebration of the Red Wednesday, taking into account the conditions of the curfew in the regions of northern and eastern Syria.

The statement recalled the significance of the Red Wednesday Feast: “First, we offer our congratulations on the occasion of the Yazidi New Year’s Day the Red Wednesday (Çarşema sor) to all components of the region, especially our Yezidi people, this holiday which carries holy and national holy meanings for the Yezidi people, represented by the meanings of renewed life and its resurgence and the wearing of nature the color of new life which represents for us the spirit of peace and coexistence among all components of the Mesopotamia region.”

The coordination stressed, through the statement, the necessity of taking precaution during the celebrations of the holiday: “This Yezidi Year feast coincides with this precautionary measures / due to the global Corona pandemic / imposed by the Autonomous Administration of northern and eastern Syria, in order to ensure the safety of our peoples, which calls us to celebrate this holiday. In particular, taking into account measures taken by the Autonomous Administration.”

The coordination hoped that the feast will be a continuation of harmony between the peoples of the region: “We at Kongra Star congratulate our Yazidi people and the peoples of the region in general on this ancient occasion, and we bless our Yazidi people and all the peoples of the region, this historic holiday in its essence, which is the New Year’s Day for all the peoples of the region, stressing our commitment to reviving all our historic feasts and events in all available ways, hoping that these special events for the peoples of the region will be a continuation of more harmony, coexistence, peace and unity of destiny among all cultures of the peoples of the region and the entire Middle East.

Every year, the Yazidi people and all peoples are fine, peace and security.

Kongra Star Coordination

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