Women Council thanks all those working in corona prevention field

The Women Council of North and East Syria sent a message of thanks and gratitude to all crews and institutions for their efforts to prevent the Corona pandemic.

The Women Council of North and East Syria has published on its official website a massage of thanks to the crews and institutions working to spare the region from the infection with the Corona virus that has swept across the world.

In its message, the Council said that the Autonomous Administration’s institutions such as the medical teams in their various committees, the Kurdish Red Crescent, the municipal committees, and the Internal Security Forces have made and continue to make tremendous efforts to protect the citizens from this danger.

The Council expressed thanks and gratitude for these institutions, and highly valued the measures they have taken, and expressed its support to them for protecting our people and our citizens.

At the end of its message, the Council of Women in North and East Syria called on the citizens to cooperate with the concerned authorities to protect themselves and their families from the risk of this epidemic, especially after the sudden confirmation of a death in the National Hospital in Qamishlo.

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