Kongra Star: situation is sensitive in Imrali, quick intervention is necessary

In the sensitive situation in the world, Turkey continues to reject requests to visit the leader Ocalan and political detainees, and appealed to humanitarian and human rights organizations to intervene to check on the situation of the detainees, member of the Kongra Star Coordination in the Euphrates region, Roshen Hajim said.
The Corona pandemic has swept the world, killing thousands of people, so the world took precautions to tackle the virus.

Among the countries most affected by the Corona virus is Turkey, but its authorities have not taken the necessary measures to prevent it, which has opened the way for its further spread, which posed a danger to prisons, after several cases of Corona infection appeared in it.

“This stage is dangerous and sensitive due to the Corona virus that has swept the world,” she said. Turkey is among the most affected and has not yet stated this, in addition to not taking any measures to protect its people and detainees in prisons.

She pointed out that the lives of these detainees are at risk, as there are about a million detainees in its prisons, and it is known that the Turkish detainees suffer from great pollution and lack of health measures inside them.

Roshen pointed out that most of the detainees in Turkish prisons are Kurds and politicians.

Roshan stated that a week ago, the Turkish state issued a decision to release political prisoners, but this release did not include any Kurds.

Roshen expressed her concerns about the situation of leader Abdullah Ocalan, who has been detained for 21 years, and said: “Despite this sensitive situation the world is going through, Turkey still prevents a lawyer and the leader’s family from visiting him and making sure of his health, and this is cause for concern.”

In conclusion, Roshen appealed to humanitarian and human rights organizations to intervene and pressure Turkey to allow the leader’s lawyer Ocalan and his family and doctors to visit him and find out his health status.

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