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HDP: Turkey releases women’s killers and rapists, keeps thousands of women detainees in prison

The HDP Women’s Council stated that the AKP-MHP parties, in the light of the work interruption, violence against women increased, indicated that they would protest against these policies.

 In this regard, the Women’s Council of the Democratic Peoples Party issued a statement to the public, it read:

The AKP and MHP system wants to tax the people, while there are no economic measures for poor, working-class and unemployed women, and no solutions are provided.

That is why, against these policies that cause the deaths of the poor workers and women, we will protest  in the streets again on 1 May.

“The  AKP and MHP policies want to encounter the social cohesion for their own interests,” the statement said..

“There are still thousands of women in detention, but the law has released the killers of women and rapists.” At the same time, domestic violence has also increased. It has been found that the ALO 183 emergency assistance line cannot even meet their requirements.

“We will therefore continue to work and cooperate against the powers of the Justice and Development Party and the National Movement, and our efforts now are to expand the Council of Young Women and strengthen our struggle, and we will continue to work in the streets, neighborhoods and villages, and we will increase our participation in combating violence against women and poor women to access women’s rights.”

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