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Kongra Star: concerned authorities should intervene and protect women’s rights in Afrin

Since March 18, 2018, the Turkish army and its mercenaries have occupied Afrin canton, where it witnesses an increase in violations to the rights of the families and women.

The statement was given in Serdem camp located in Tel Sawsan village in Al-Shahba canton, in the presence of dozens of members and administrators of Kongra Star.

The statement was read in the Arabic language by the administration of diplomatic relations for Kongra Star Suzan Mustafa, and in Kurdish by the Kongra Star administrator Hevi Suleiman. It says:

We condemn and denounce the brutal attacks, violations and immoral practices that the people of Afrin region have been subjected to since the beginning of its occupation by the Turkish state and its mercenaries like forced displacement, demographic change of the region, torture, arbitrary arrests and looting of the agricultural seasons and heritage of the region.

The statement pointed out: Women have been subjected to kidnappings, rape and forced marriage, all of this to break their will, while they had resisted and fought the Turkish occupation, and this is what drives the widespread phenomenon of underage marriage in the region as parents fear kidnapping that any girl would face.

Kongra Star called for the cessation of violations against women in Afrin based on the United Nations Resolution (1325), which includes stopping the violations and protecting women from physical violence.

In the conclusion of the statement, the Kongra Star also appealed to the organizations concerned with human rights and women to research and investigate the situation of children and women who are subjected to physical and sexual violence against moral acts.

The statement ended with chanting the slogan “Woman, Life and Freedom.”

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