​​​​​​​Displaced women of Afrin denounce Turkish violations against detainees

Afrin displaced women in Al-Shahba district appealed to international and human rights organizations to intervene quickly to hold the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries accountable for the crimes against women in their detention centers.

On May 28, clashes between mercenary groups in Afrin revealed a number of kidnapped women in the prisons of Al-Hamzat mercenaries of the Turkish occupation, and subjected them to torture and violence.

A number of Afrin women in Al-Shahba district denounced the violations of mercenaries, and called for accountability for the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries.

Jinifan Ahmed indicated that the people of Afrin who live in Afrin are subjected to various types of oppression and persecution.

We suffer greatly from any violence against women in Afrin canton by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries, especially after it was revealed that there were kidnappers in the mercenary detentions,” she added.

The Afrin district  was the most secure area in Syria, and we opened our arms to all Syrian women, but the Turkish occupation did not accept this idea, but it practiced violence against all women,” Ahmed said.

She confirmed that women in Al-Shahba district would resist until the last breath and stand by the women in Afrin with all their might.

In her turn, Zeinab Mustafa said, “We as Afrin women do not accept the violence that the Turkish occupation is exercising against us, and we condemn these violations.”

In the same context, Nadia condemned the international silence regarding the killing, torture and rape by the Turkish state of occupation and its mercenaries, in particular, in Al-Hamzat’s detentions , and she demanded for holding  the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries accountable for their violations.

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