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Women: We will not calm down until we liberate leader Abdullah Ocalan

The Turkish occupation state continues to impose strict isolation on the leader Abdullah Ocalan for years, despite popular demands to lift the isolation. In this regard, our agency, Hawar news agency ANHA, surveyed the views of women in Qamishlo about the continued isolation of leader Ocalan.

Freedom of the country is related to women’s freedom

Adla Muhammed, a resident of the western neighborhood of Qamishlo in the northeast of Syria, says: ” Turkish dictatorship is feared from free thought to Ocalan’s leader, so Turkey continues to impose isolation on him for for more than 21 years, violating international human rights covenants and treaties.”

Adla explained that despite the presence of Ocalan’s leader in an Imrali prison, he managed to liberate the thought of his people and instilled in them the spirit of patriotism and responsibility, and added that the leader focused mainly on his struggle on women’s freedom and breaking the restrictions that prevented her from practicing work and integrating into society.

“Turkey arrested the leader for fear of his idea and philosophy.”

In her turn, Citizen Aisha Abdul Rahman said: “The Turkish occupation imprisoned the leader for fear of his bright ideas, and they are certain that his ideas will defeat them, believing that by imprisoning them the leader will end his struggle and destroy his thought and philosophy, but they do not know that thousands are on the path of his idea and philosophy.”

She pointed out that women followed the path of freedom thanks to the ideology and philosophy of leader Ocalan, which gained her strength in her personality, as leader Ocalan pays attention to the status of women and her liberation struggle and affirms that society can only be liberated with the liberation of women, which prompted thousands of women from different religions and nationalities to adopt Ocalan’s ideas.

Aisha Abdul Rahman criticized the international silence about the continued isolation imposed on the leader Abdullah Ocalan, saying that this silence indicates the indulgence of the countries of the world with the policy of the Turkish occupation, so it turns a blind eye to them, stressing that the Kurdish people and people who believe in freedom and democracy will not calm until the liberation of its leader.

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