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Kongra Star members vows to fight for Koven

Female members of the Kongra Star in Al-Darbasiyah side denounced the arrest of parliamentarian Laila Koven, and the administrator in the Kongra Star Khonav Ali, said, “We do not forget that parliamentarian Koven has gone on hunger strike for the sake of the leader Abdullah Ocalan, and through her arrest, Turkey deliberately targets women.”

Ali appealed to all women to struggle and protest  until the political freedom of Leila Koven, Musa Fares and the liberation of Ocalan.

For her part, Rojer Mustafa, a member of the Kongra Star, indicated that Koven is considered the resistance and fighter in order to liberate the leader Ocalan from the hands of the Turkish occupation, and Turkey’s main goal is to break the will of women.

Rojin said that they will organize activities “for the liberation of Ocalan, and for the removal of all politicians from the prisons of the Turkish authorities, including Koven, and Musa Fares.”

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