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Women Journalists: We struggle to be woman’s voivce

Women Journalists in North and East Syria held its third conference under the slogan “Women Media is the Voice of the Democratic Nation”, in Qamishlo district, with 86 delegates from NE Syria. During the conference, the Women Media Union (YRJ) was established.

On the sidelines of the third conference, ANHA has interviewed participants in the conference about the importance of its convening and the developments it will bring with it at the level of women’s media in NE Syria.

The journalist Khazinah Nabi blessed the congress and said: ” women media took serious steps from its second conference. We hope that women media in will also overcome the obstacles and problems that stand in the way of the advancement of women’s media, and enabling journalists to develop themselves in this field.”

Arab women journalists taking part in the conference is victory for the women’s media

She added: “The Kurdish media in general and women’s media in particular, is similar to a fruitful tree, continued to follow the path of the leading women activists and media workers who started from the beginning of the Kurdish media and were subjected to harassment, so we must achieve their goals and aspirations during this conference.”

Nabi  indicated that the inclusion of women journalists from the Arab component, whose regions have been recently liberated from ISIS, is a victory for women’s media.

Concerning the conference discussions, Nabi said: “The discussions revolved around expanding and organizing women’s media and announcing it as a women’s union, which will be a special umbrella for all women journalists in northeast Syria. They  should work according to the events and developments in the arena with their renewed and liberal thinking.”

Women media developed through participatory life

 In her turn, Shinda Akram, Çira TV correspondent blessed in the person of the martyrs who were martyred to communicate the voice of truth, the third conference on all the attendees. She made clear that the holding the conference in this sensitive stage and in light of the many areas being attacked by the occupiers and regional and international countries, a victory for all.

On women’s media, Akram indicated that during April 2013, the woman held her first conference to announce the RAJN to become an umbrella for women. With the beginning of 2016, special councils for women were established to continue their work in this field.

She noted: “During the second conference, the woman’s media developed as a result of its independence, Radio Star and Jin TV were opened and were able to communicate the voice of women to the world in all cultural, diplomatic, military and social aspects.”

And she continued: “Although the woman faced a lot of difficulties of the capitalist mindset, she did not give in in the media field and struggled. Holding of the third conference is evidence of her success.”

Akram praised the role of Syriac, Arab and Kurdish women in coordination within the media work in northeast Syria to communicate the voice of women from all components, and to show participatory life between women worldwide.

She said: “The areas that were under the control of the so-called ISIS and the occupied areas by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries where women were subjected to rape, violence and the most severe forms of torture. Media women have become voice of the oppressed women, to show these actions to public opinion, and continue to expose these practices that target even media women. “

At the end of her speech, Akram hoped that the conference would depart with important decisions to develop this profession.

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