Insulting free woman’s personality violates Kurds’ values

Popular reactions have increased against KDP policy, which aims to intra Kurdish conflict and targeting the personality of strugglers women, denouncing to deploy Peshmerga in the areas where Kurdistan Liberation Movement exists.

Politicians and intellectuals in Qamishlo canton expressed their resentment from KDP policy, which aims to fabricate civil war, considering that it only serves the interests of the occupied countries and brings nothing but devastation and destruction to the Kurds.

A member of the Organizational Office of the Syrian Democratic Council, Jawaher Othman, began her speech by saying: “The positions are being adopted by KDP contradictory, at the same time the Kurdish people are eager to unify of the Kurdish home, but KPD seek to create intra Kurdish conflict, and mobilizes its military forces where HPG exists.

Jawaher added that the KDP attaches its political and economic interest more than the interest of the Kurdish people, and she said, “He must place the interest of the Kurdish people above all narrow personal and partisan interests. The sensitive stage that the Kurdish people has reached must be put in place by every Kurdish individual in his priorities.”

‘PDK’s statements are shameful to personality of free woman

Jawaher denounced the statements of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) about women’s movements and stated: “The Kurdistan Democratic Party’s approaches have nothing to do with democracy. it ignores the role of women, their struggle, will and sacrifices in order to protect the rights of the Kurdish people, such as the martyr Leyla Qasim and other martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the Kurdish issue, as the language he speaks is the language of enemies, insulting in it the values of free women.

‘Turkey moves the government of Başûr Kurdistan’

Hasina Ahmed, a member of the Administrator Committee of the Intellectuals Union in Al-Jazeera region, said: “The Turkish state has known for several years that it occupies the lands of Başûr Kurdistan. After the increase in the military bases in the region, the military campaign began on Haftanin and other legitimate defense areas.

Hasina stressed, “There is no country in the world that can intervene and build military bases in the neighboring country without the consent of the state itself, and everyone knows that President Massoud Barzani visited Turkey and met with Erdogan, in addition to Nechirvan Barzani’s visit, and after each visit, the political balances have been changed.”

Hosina Ahmed confirmed that all these mistakes will be held accountable by the Kurdish people, and she said, “The educated woman should see herself responsible in front of these events that happen against the Kurdish people and Kurdistan, and that the voice of her pen should be loud to stand firmly in front of the mistakes of the government of Başûr Kurdistan.”

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