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KJK: Nawal Saadawi feminist inspiration

Kurdistan Women Community offered condolences to the Egyptian women and people at large on the death of the author Nawal Saadawi saying ” Nawal has always been an inspiration and a source of strength and pride in her march in defence of feminist rights.   

The cable sent by the KJK reads as follows:

” we received painfully the death of the well-known Egyptian doctor and writer Nawal Saadawi famous for her strive and contribution in defending feminist rights steadfastly and defiantly that made her an inspiration and pride for all of us.

In the name of the KJK, we condole ourselves and the and the Egyptian women and people on the demise of this feminist struggler, a close friend to the Kurdish people generally and  supporting the Kurdish women in specific that remained faithful that symbiosis and solidarity are the sole way to overcome the patriarchal hegemony and all other patriarchal associations, we on close touch with the deceased Nawal.

We lay stress that Nawal will remain an igniting torch in our souls and minds, and we assure that we will trace the way adopted to defend all feminist rights against all kinds of systematic prejudice to regain all our rights in a society ruled by equality, democracy, dignity and justice replete with women emancipation.

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