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Turkey’s action in occupied Afrin Yazidi villages is “ethnic and religious cleansing.”

The Star Congress in Afrin region condemned the demographic change, the establishment of settlements and building mosques in the occupied Yazidi villages, stressing that it is “a policy of ethnic cleansing and a preparation for a new reality.”

Dozens of members of the Star Congress in Afrin region gathered in the square of Berxwedan camp in Fafin district in al-Shahba canton, to make a statement to the public opinion, holding its flags, and pictures of the Yazidi village of Shadera, located in the occupied Afrin canton.

The statement was read in both languages, Arabic by a member of the Star Congress Alef Sheikh Muhammad, and in the Kurdish language by the co-chair of the Tal Rifat District Council, Laila Othman.

The text of the statement read: “Since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, we have continued to follow the third line, our strategic path in protecting the unity of the Syrian territories in our right to legitimate defense in the face of the Ottoman policy represented by Erdogan and his mercenaries and (AKP), which represents Muslim Brotherhood, and support for armed terrorist factions by occupying Legitimate Defense Zones and breaking the project of the Autonomous Administration and the brotherhood of the peoples, which is the best way for a political solution in the region and preserving the unity of the Syrian territories (land and people).

“The policy of the Turkish state and the countries that support it continues to annex and occupy lands, wipe out and exterminate components, follow the policy of Turkification and Arabization in the targeted demographic change in occupied Afrin, and prepare for a new reality through the establishment of settlements and mosques in all villages, especially the Yazidis, and the policy of ethnic cleansing is the fiercest in the history of the Kurdish Yazidis which witnessed (73) genocides and, continuing its policies of ethnic cleansing, it is building Islamic mosques, imposing the learning Qur’an and on the footsteps of ISIS, face veil is imposed on the Shadera village women, and settling the illegal population in the region before an international silence about these inhuman, immoral and brutal practices.

On behalf of Afrin region’s forcibly displaced women, the statement condemned “the demographic change and the policy of obliteration and extermination against the peoples of the region, and we renew our pledge to raise the pace of resistance and struggle in the footsteps of the freedom martyrs until the liberation of Afrin and all the lands occupied by the Ottoman occupation and its mercenary factions in achieving justice and equality for the peoples of the region who are attracted to coexistence.”

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