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The August 15 leap was the first shot that woke the Kurdish people out of their slumber that lasted for many years

On the thirty-seventh anniversary, which is entering its thirty-eighth year, it was a leap for freedom and rebuilding confidence for the Kurdish people, who suffered the scourge of oppression and tyranny by the occupying rulers of Kurdistan.

It was a qualitative awakening on the path to freedom, breaking the chains of enslavement and tyranny, and a rebirth for the Kurdish people, especially after the Kurdish revolutions and uprisings that were suppressed, and the genocides witnessed by these revolutions.

The leap of August 15 was the day for reviving the resistance and the free will, and building the free human, despite the Turkish fascist campaigns against the Kurdish people and their imprisonment.

August 15 was a stern answer to fascism that the free and resistant Kurdish had returned to life, and an answer to the Turkish fascist statement that the Kurdish identity h

ad been obliterated and would not come back to life and had been eliminated.

The spark of the leap that began with the resistance in prisons, the fire torch of the body of Mazloum Dogan and the strike of the resistance of Kamal Bir, Muhammad Khairy Darmoush and all their comrades to set off to the mountains of freedom and fire the first shot in the heart of Turkish fascism was a response to the call, the thought and philosophy of the leader Abdullah Ocalan which became the philosophy of free life for all the peoples of the region, for their unity in the free will that cannot be broken again.

It is the will of the peoples of the entire region in order to reach a free and dignified life with all its components and segments, women and men, and the achievments of the revolution of freedom in the four parts of Kurdistan and the Middle East.

On this glorious occasion, first, we congratulate the leader Abdullah Ocalan and all the martyrs of freedom in the person of the revolutionary leader, the martyr Agid (Masoum Qorqmaz), and the Kurdish people in general and all peoples that was inspired by the strength, will and confidence in order to follow the path of the martyrs and leaders of this uprising, which started from the first spark of the glorious August 15 leap.

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