With the will and strength of the heart of the people of Yezidikhan, the decision to exterminate will be defeated 74

In response to the practices of the Iraqi government, which works to sow discord among the peoples of the region and launches brutal attacks on the Shingal district, it is also building a wall of shame between the Shingal district and Rojava with the aim of separating the two areas from each other, and denouncing the Turkish fascist attacks in cooperation with its mercenaries On the Kurdish people in general and the Yazidi component in particular, and to denounce the complicity of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, its currency and its betrayal of its fellow-citizens, the members of the Afrin Yazidi Union residing in Al-Shahba region spoke about the systematic policy of extermination.

The capitalist, greedy and occupying countries still follow the policy of extermination against the Kurdish people, especially against the Yazidi people. After the issuance of Firman 73, on the Yazidi people in 2014, with the aim of annihilating and erasing the Yazidi identity, which is the basis in the Kurdish language, where this policy came  After the entry of ISIS mercenaries militarily supported by the Turkish occupation state, and worked to sow fear in the hearts of civilians, and kidnapped, killed, and intimidated civilians, so freedom fighters came to the aid of the Yazidi people, to save them from the genocide that they were subjected to, but this victory  The enemies who are now trying to see other ways to start the extermination of the Yazidi people did not delight, so they started building the separation wall between Rojava and Shingal district on the one hand, and launching attacks on sites and cars carrying administrators in Shingal district in order to break the will and strength of the Yazidi people from  On the other hand, all this and it was not enough. Rather, they began to launch attacks by concluding agreements aimed at destroying the self-administration that was achieved and established through the people’s awareness of the facts.  They launched such attacks on Shingal district.

In the context of these topics, members of the Yezidi Women’s Union, Afrin canton, spoke to our website and stated their views, and denounced these brutal fascist attacks, considering all of these policies to come within the framework of the genocide of the Kurdish people, and the Yazidi component.


The spokeswoman for the Yazidi Women’s Union in al-Shahba, Suad Hasso, spoke about the Iraqi army’s attacks on the Shingal district and said: “The attacks launched by the Iraqi forces on the Shingal district are not new and not the first of their kind, and as it is known, the Yazidi people have been subjected to many violations  And many massacres were committed against them for the purpose of extermination. The enemy’s goal in these attempts and violations was clear and explicit, which is the extermination of the Yazidi people in particular.”

“The liberation of Shingal would not have been possible without the arrival of the freedom fighters”

In her speech, Souad Hasso drew attention to the attacks of the dark forces (ISIS), which attacked the Shingal district in 2014, when the Iraqi army abandoned all its weapons and positions to ISIS, and ISIS entered from the city of Mosul to the Shingal district, at that time  These dark forces occupy the Shingal district, using the weapons and ammunition of the Iraqi army, and at the same time, according to the plans that were drawn up by the capitalist world powers, the Kurdistan Democratic Party withdraws from the Shingal district, and this opens the way for the complete occupation of the Shingal district.

And for the Yezidi people to be completely exterminated, but to save the situation, the instructions came from the General Command of the Popular Defense Forces and the Free Women’s Union Star, to direct the Guerilla forces towards the mountains of Shingal district and rapid intervention in order to confront the threat of terrorism, and liberate Shingal district, where  The forces headed with a spirit imbued with love and redemption, adorned with their weapons and time bombs, which will be the final point for eliminating terrorism.

“Their plans are to exterminate the Yazidi people.”

And Suad Hasso added in the context of her speech and said: They want, by repeating such attacks again on the Yazidi people, and in the meantime, to break the will and strength of the people of Shingal district, and uproot them as a component of their roots, but because the Yazidi people build themselves and train  On the foundations of the thought and philosophy of the leader Abdullah Ocalan, they were able to give the necessary answer to the attacks of the enemy, as they withstood and resisted in the face of all those attacks. Through that philosophy, they were also able to establish their own military forces, the Shingal Resistance Units, and the Yazidi Women’s Units,  These units that were able to expel the enemy, as well as protect the values ​​and dignity of its people, not only that, but were able to establish self-democratic local councils, on the social arena, it can be said that the developments and progress that were taking place in a place like Shingal District, were not the subject of  Sorour for the greedy occupied countries, and that is why they wanted again, through the Iraqi government, the Kurdistan Democratic Party, to occupy the Shingal district, and this was the beginning of these colonial colonial plans by building the wall of shame between the Shingal district and West Kurdistan.

The aim of building such a wall is that military support and supplies cannot reach the Shingal district, especially when the colonial powers attack the Shingal district.  And also eliminating the Yazidi component in all respects.”

In her speech, Souad Hasso noted: “The recent attacks on the region, using all kinds of weapons, brutal methods, warplanes and drones, the attacks of the Turkish state on the areas of southern Kurdistan, and the non-interference of the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Iraqi government of Al-Kazemi,  Rather, they head towards the district of Shingal, and attack the people there.

On the other hand, these attacks mean the elimination, the displacement of minorities in Iraq, and the emptying of the Shingal district, but the strength and will of the Yazidi people in the Shingal district, which stems from the thought and philosophy of the leader Abdullah Ocalan, confirms and proves this thing, and that they will destroy the hopes and ambitions  The enemy is in the Shingal district, because the gains and achievements that have developed in the Shingal district were by offering many alternatives.

“Through a woman’s self-knowledge and identity, she can be the appropriate response to fierce attacks.”

In her speech, Souad Hasso referred to the strength and struggle of the Yazidi woman, who gave the appropriate answer to all these attacks, and called on women to rise and move, filled with a spirit of revenge, because the war being waged today is the war of existence and non-existence.  A woman’s knowledge and knowledge of herself, her identity, and her identity can be the appropriate answer to these fierce attacks, protecting the soil, the people, the language, and the existence of peoples.

Souad Hasso ended her speech with the slogan, “With the thought and philosophy of the leader Abdullah Ocalan, we do not make room for the invading occupiers, we will definitely win, and victory will always be our ally.”

The Yazidi community has faced many firmans because it is one of the original Kurdish communities.”

The spokeswoman for the Training Committee of the Yazidi Union, Maryam Jindo, also pointed out, through her speech, to the ethnic genocides that have faced the Kurdish people since the beginning of history.  Who carries the Kurdish language in his roots and veins, how many times has he faced the firmans of extermination, because it was one of the original indigenous communities of the Kurdish language and culture resistance, for this reason it resists and faces against the fiercest attacks and exterminations, as it has protected and still protects religion, language, land  and culture.

For this reason, the enemy cannot accept all this resistance and the spirit that preserves its heritage, and one of the enemy’s most violent reactions was the fierce attacks, which it carried out on 3/8/2014, when they attacked with the most brutal and brutal attacks by ISIS terrorist mercenaries on the Yazidi people  In Shingal district, and these fierce attacks against the Yazidi people in the meantime, they witnessed the most tragic scenes, and they also lived through, including killing and kidnapping of children, girls and women, in addition to the displacement of the people, and their displacement from their homes, where he headed  The enemy went to Shingal district, trying to use the most horrible ways and methods of erasure, and through these methods and the methods it followed, wanted to completely eliminate the Yazidi people through the application of Firman 73, but through the will of the resistant people, and the heroism that was shown by the people  The Yazidi, and paid dearly for the liberation of Shingal district, and this resistance and heroism that was shown did not allow the occupier and mercenaries to occupy that area, or to stay in it.”

Maryam also continued her speech by saying: Four years ago today, during the Turkish state’s attack on Afrin and its initial occupation, they attacked the Yazidi villages, targeting them through missiles, and destroying what was before their eyes, especially the shrines of the martyrs, which represent the supreme and ideal values ​​of the Yazidi people.  , but despite all that, they were not able to eliminate and eradicate the Yazidi people, in the current stage we are going through today, we know that there are many agreements and treaties, especially between the Iraqi government and the occupying Turkish state, in cooperation with the Kurdistan Democratic Party,  And they launch hostile attacks on the district of Shingal, and through all these attacks they want to break the will and strength of the Yazidi people to resist on that land.”

Maryam Jando concluded her speech by saying: But despite all the circumstances and difficulties facing the Yazidi people, it is through the spirit of the people that shines in the people’s revolutionary war, and with the support of the forces of the Shingal resistance units, and the Yazidi women’s units, imbued with the spirit of revenge for all values  Yezidikans of the enemy resist the people and fight, and through the promise of victory, they do not stand still and are not restless, they are always on the front lines, hoping and certain that victory will always be our ally.

As for Fella Shakro, a spokeswoman for the Women’s Training Committee, she expressed her opinion and said: The recent attacks on Shingal district, with inhumane, unsympathetic support, reek of betrayal, and through these attacks on Shingal, they want to perpetuate the firman  73, and the extermination of the Yazidi people in Shingal, and the elimination of the values ​​and gains of Yazidikhan, and their violation, and the enemy aims through all these practices and violations to eliminate the religion and the Yazidi component all over the world.”

Fella Shakerou noted in her speech that all these gains that the Yazidi people have achieved were thanks to the spirit of resistance and revenge in the face of the enemy, and pushing alternatives for victory over the enemy.

At the conclusion of her speech, Shakro emphasized that the resistance will continue until victory, and that they will stand with the fighters of the Shingal Resistance Units, and the Yazidi women, as she condemned and denounced all these attacks, and said: The rise of this wall of shame and betrayal does not defeat us and does not weaken the  Our determination, our struggle, we will even become more determined in the resistance, and this resistance will destroy this wall of shame, the victory is ours.”

They did not listen to the screams of the Yazidi people.”

Aisha Sido, an administrator in the Yezidi Union, Afrin, spoke about the Iraqi government’s attacks on Shingal district and said: We raise our voices from here from al-Shahba to reach Şengal, as we know that in 2014, the Yezidi people in Shingal district faced another genocide decision and  It was face to face with the genocide, these decisions issued against the Yazidi people in Shingal were not issued and confronted any component or people within the regions of the Middle East, through this decree, thousands of women were captured, kidnapped and sold in the markets, not only women were kidnapped, but  Also children, elderly men and women were kidnapped, killed, and faced massacres.  Through the attacks of ISIS mercenaries on Şengal and its people, with the support and support of the occupied Turkish state, they wanted to exterminate the Yazidi people, but the Yazidi people faced these attacks and policies with great resistance, and rose up in the face of their enemies and condemned them.

The screams of the Yazidi people rose, but no one listened to these cries. The nation states became silent and pervaded. In front of these actions at that time, the Iraqi soldiers withdrew from the border in Shingal district, and the Kurdistan Democratic Party Peshmerga also withdrew from Shingal, and the soldiers fled away  And the Yazidi people and society, girls, children, women, remained in the hands of ISIS mercenaries, but despite all this complicity, the Yazidi people never resisted and paid dearly until the crossings were opened for them, and all this resistance that was shown during that period was resistance  Freedom fighters who came to the aid of the Yazidi people, and by responding to the call of the people of Şengal, he proved that the only ones who can protect and liberate Şengal and its people and preserve the values ​​of the Yezidi community are the freedom fighters (Hpg YJASTAR).  All these decisions that exterminate the Yazidi people, as they organize themselves.

Where she established the self-protection forces, including the Shingal resistance units, the Yazidi women, the Asayish, and she became the owner of strength and will to stand in the face of all these attacks, until they were able to reach a level where they no longer need any other force to protect them.

“Organization and fundamental protection thwart the genocide plans”

Aisha Seydou also added, organization, and fundamental protection, returning to the will and military self-power, was one of the most important ways through which the Yazidi people escaped from the massacres of genocide, so we saw that the Yazidi community, within six years, was able to organize itself within social institutions,  Civil and military, where many pioneers and avant-garde appeared in the Yazidi community, such as the martyr Zaki Shankali, who went from European countries to the Shingal Mountains, in order to organize the people in the Shingal district, where he offered this thing free of charge and in a great spirit of redemption,  A work that bore fruit and had great results, after the many firmans of genocide that occurred on the Yazidi people, especially in the Shingal district, once again with the support of the freedom fighters, who headed from the mountains of freedom, the mountains of Kurdistan to the mountains of the Shingal district, liberating Shingal, once again the people of Yezidkhan gathered  His will and strength, and he organized himself through the thought and philosophy of the leader Abdullah Ocalan, as they proved despite all the circumstances and the decrees of extermination, but they do not submit to it, but rather they will resist until the end, and they will protect all their values ​​and gains.

“They became silent about what was done in Shingal”

Aisha Seydou continued her speech by saying: Until this moment, the Turkish state and its mercenaries are flying their drones over the geography of Şengal, and they target many of the pioneers through the strikes and attacks they carry out.  Those martyrs who were targeted by the Turkish state and its mercenaries were the pioneers and the vanguard of their society, so they were targeted with such brutality.

In the face of these events that were taking place in Shingal district, the Iraqi government did not say anything and remained silent about these genocides. Not only did the Iraqi government become silent about all these attacks, but the whole world became blind and mute, so as a people they had legitimate rights  In protecting themselves, the resistance, and the establishment of a military force from the sons of that society, an essential protection force.

The Yazidi people took many experiences from these attacks, and showed the essential protection force against any kind of attacks and blows to which their community is exposed.  And redemption in order to protect their honor, their lands, and their homeland, and defend it.”

Aisha Hasso continued by saying: The nation-states are once again organizing themselves and developing new colonial plans on the pretext of extermination, and this force agrees with each other, but all these conspiracies and colonial plans, except that the Yazidi people, and because they remained in the confrontations of many ethnic genocides, pushed  The dear and precious, who faced pain and difficulties, learned many different lessons from all these pains, in order not to live such horrific massacres, and to preserve the gains that resulted in the toil of the martyrs.

In order to protect their homeland, and preserve all these gains, they organized themselves, and showed their strength and will to the whole world.  But all these gains, and the victories achieved by the Yazidi people, did not impress the dominant countries, especially the occupied Turkish state, and they began to conclude agreements with the Iraqi government, and all these agreements were with the full knowledge and knowledge of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, because they want through all  These agreements reoccupy Shingal.”

Aisha explained, in order for the Iraqi government to protect this land and homeland, and the component that is also part of the Iraqi government, but unfortunately, the fascist occupying Turkish state supported and supported it in occupying Shingal district, and carrying out aggressive terrorist attacks on the region  .  But the enemy must know and be certain of this, after all these decrees and decisions issued against the Yazidi people, that the Yazidi people will not give up their dignity and their land, but will defend and protect it, because this soil has been watered with the blood of hundreds of freedom fighters, and  They were liberated by their redemptive spirit that did not blow anything.

Today, after the Yazidi people established its own administrative system, and achieved many victories and gains, which were not achieved cheaply, but were paid for the dear victory, and the price was the blood of the heroic fighters who irrigated the soil of Izdkhan in order to liberate it from the abomination of terrorism.  There are hundreds of Darwish and Adalah who sacrificed for the sake of the freedom of the oppressed people, this land that did not dry its soil from the blood of these heroes, so the Shankali people will continue to resist and struggle to preserve these valuable gains.

Aisha mentioned during her speech and referred to the captive women, where she said: There are thousands of missing Yazidi women, and there are thousands of children captured by ISIS mercenaries, and there are dozens of mass graves in which the Yazidi people are buried, and dozens of families that have  Dozens of missing persons, whom no one knows anything about, and hundreds of Shankali families who were displaced from their homes to live in camps.  They are now in southern Kurdistan. Why does the Iraqi government and the Democratic government not allow them to return to their homes?

With all these circumstances and tragedies, the Shankali people will not succumb to attacks and pressures, and will not rest until liberation and the restoration of the right to everyone who is entitled.

At the conclusion of her speech, Aisha called on the Iraqi government, in order not to be dragged into creating all these agreements that are being hatched, and said: The Iraqi government should not be dragged behind the plans and brutal agreements that the fascist, occupying Turkish state, so as not to become responsible for all these massacres and violations that  It affects the right of the Yazidi people.

And she said: We, as Yezidis of Afrin, from our children to our youth, to the women and the elderly, wherever they are, never bow down or succumb to these attacks, and let the enemy know that we are not what we used to be.  It was put forward by Commander Abdullah Ocalan, that we trained and armed with this thought.

Therefore, we do not accept nor give in to treachery and labor, in order to protect our values ​​and rights, we will resist until we achieve victory, and victory will always be ours.”

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