killing women

 Femicide is a new expression that describes cases of intentional and intentional killing or wrongful killing of women, where a person kills a woman for reasons based on gender, but the definitions differ according to the cultural context.  Out of 80% of all cases of killing of women happen at the hands of men, and the term femicide is also defined as a form of organized violence that is practiced against women in order to always subject them to subordination, marginalize their role and eliminate their identity, whether through physical and psychological subjugation until the matter comes.  slavery or death.


 In 1801, the term femicide was mentioned in a satirist in England, talking about a woman who was raped and subsequently killed, and then the term femicide spread in 1848, and judicial sources in Britain indicated that femicide is a punishable crime, and in 1990 the term femicide was mentioned on  The hand of men for the following reasons (hate – contempt – pleasure or desire to possess women. The writer and researcher Diana Russell expressed in her book about the severe violence practiced by men against women as a result of hateful practices against women or misogynism (fear of women) under the title of the policy of killing  woman .

 Cases of femicide have spread in many countries and towns, including Europe, Central and South America, and have also increased in the Middle East.

 According to the World Health Organization, the rate of victims of killing and harming women has decreased since 1970, and this decline has been observed in most European countries, with exceptional cases of killing women, but at a low rate.

 On May 11, 2011, the members of the Council of Europe signed an agreement in Istanbul on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence.  Thus Amnesty International has shown the cases of many women and girls being beaten, raped, harassed and female genital mutilation, and now Europe must stand up to find out the truth from them, the Istanbul Convention provides them with a powerful tool to deal comprehensively with this widespread violation that is devastating the lives of millions of women in a way  daily, and governments in various parts of Europe and Central Asia must show their political management, and translate the agreement into concrete measures, as 32 countries have signed this agreement, and Turkey was the first country that has not adhered to it until today and signed this agreement, and in 2015  The following countries signed the agreement (Albania, Portugal, Moldova, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria, Serbia, Andorra, Denmark, France,  Linda – Spain – Sweden

 Of course, violence against women is not free in both Britain and the United States of America) the killing of women since the seventies of the twentieth century ranges between 3.8 to 4.5 deaths per less than 100,000 women, and cases of physical abuse are 97%, the most in Carolina.

 The highest rate of femicide is located in the southern and eastern regions of America. Most of the perpetrators of femicide crimes in those areas are the husbands of the murdered woman, followed by evictions and male lovers. They also tend to be of the same race as the victim. This crime is mostly committed with firearms, followed by the use of knives and severe beatings.

 In Latin America, specifically in Mexico, an organization of anti-femicide groups appeared to try to challenge this social injustice, and consequently, feminist organizations were founded that adopt the same ideas, and the organizations spread as a foundation from Mexico to Guatemala, where 5000 women were brutally murdered in Guatemala in the year 2000, and this indicates the failure of the state to impose  The law to protect women from murder also indicates that enforcing laws against femicide is a low priority for the state government due to patriarchal beliefs and assumptions about the role of women in society.

 The regions of the Middle East are no better than Latin America or Europe in terms of statistics on crimes of violence against women, but on the contrary, they are at the fore in crimes, and the reason is the masculine and tribal mentality, as it is fundamentally and directly responsible for education and the educational system in addition to the absence of laws criminalizing these acts in the Arab countries



 And the masculine, tribal mentality in which societies are raised, which associate honor with a woman and limited parts of her body, and consider that the honor of the family and the nation is linked to it.

 The wars faced by the countries of the Middle East were a reason for the escalation of organized killings against women. It should be noted that northern Syria, thanks to the concept of self-management, was in itself a qualitative and revolutionary leap that supported women in the first place.

 In 2014, legal provisions and articles that protect women primarily from all forms of violence were developed under the title “Women’s Law.” One of the most important laws followed by many countries is the removal of honor killing and considering the crime of honor killing (i.e. killing a woman out of honor) as a crime of murder with a life sentence without mitigating excuses.  Or reductive reasons, and domestic violence was also considered a crime punishable by law, and the article of the crime of polygamy, which is also a form of violence, is punishable, but despite the existence of laws, cases of murder and violence are still continuing and the reason is due to the outdated customs and traditions in our societies and also the application of laws in a way  Strict and serious.

 This is what is the responsibility of the government, administrations, bodies and organizations to do with regard to all forms of violence against women, which is to change the domineering masculine mentality and banish the idea that a woman and her body are the honor of her family.

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