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Killing women is not a human moral

Recently we have seen an increase in violence against women, especially in cases of femicide, where many ignorant people are blamed for the murder, and this means that we see a violation of human rights and the identification of the causes of murder.

 This is in itself a misleading method of learning and teaching, and it relies on many sources, among them the traditions of society which depend on the religion that prevailed in Middle Eastern society, as well as on religious fanaticism that has no essence or nature, to which it is not approached sincerely;  And she declares her masculinity only for her own benefit and to prove her existence in a secular society.  When women are exposed to cases of murder and violence in our society, the scales tip the scales to practice religious rituals, and most of these rituals are practiced on women as well. Religious laws are imposed again on women. This is also great persecution and religious and worldly injustice.

 Another major reason for violence against women is the male mind that sees its dominance in the practice of the ruling class. Every woman is the second class on which men live and thus upset the balance of society and nature. This is like every reason for killing women in the world, but if we come to north and east Syria, which  Building its system on the basis of women’s freedom and unparalleled struggles for it, in all fields, the conditions for women’s protection and ownership will build and continue to struggle daily against male consciousness.

 In the regime of North and East Syria, with the beginning of the revolution in West Kurdistan, women’s organizations were opened, from the Women’s House to the Star Union which today became Kontaktar Star, as well as Women’s Asayish, HPC-jin, Women’s Protection Units, Women’s Justice Council, and Women’s Council in North and East  Syria and the Syrian Women’s Council, in addition to women’s participation in all areas of decision-making and decision-making, through the implementation of the joint presidency system, despite the efforts made by women in the North and Middle East.  They are killed in the name of honor, that is, the authoritarian, conservative and sexist mentality in our society’s culture is still ruling.

 Despite the organization and training, women are still being killed, since the beginning of the revolution until now the attacks and (special) hot and cold wars against women have not stopped.  And all this because of the organization, strength and will of women. Every attack on a female pioneer who works for peace and democracy is an attack on women’s unity.

 Killing a woman in the world means strengthening women’s organization, more support and support for women, more protection of femininity and self-determination.

 On this basis and in explaining the increasing number of femicides, the most important thing that all of us women are required to do is organize ourselves, educate ourselves, and seize the right of women in society.

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