“Women Defend Kurdistan Against Occupation” initiative

On May 15, 2022, a consultative meeting of Kurdish women was held in Rojava, under the slogan "Unifying the position of Kurdish women against the occupation".

And 48 women, representatives of women’s movements and organizations in Rojava, and 24 women from other parts of Kurdistan participated in the consultative meeting. One of the proposals of the consultative meeting was to establish a women’s initiative to defend Kurdistan.

 Today, Tuesday, 7/6/2022, the establishment of the initiative was officially announced, with the participation of 72 women, by giving a written statement.

 This is the content of the written statement:


To women and the public:

To begin, chaos and crisis have been intensifying since the beginning of this century. This state of chaos is influencing all ares of life and all regions of the world. War, fighting, massacres and displacement, hunger and ecological problems, anti-democratic attitudes and violence, exploitation and occupation show us that the worldwide system is in a desperate state. While the effects of this can be felt everywhere, nowhere stronger are they felt than in the Middle East. So, the sickness of war in the developping world is taking its clearest form on earth in the Middle East. The cradle of civilization is today the scene for wars of domination between local and global forces.
Kurdistan has also become a central location of this war. As a result of this war, a new world order will be formed. Both forces of the state system and democratic forces of the people will struggle  to determine the character of this new system. On the side of the democratic forces of the world and the region, the Kurdish people and especially Kurdish women have a deciding role. Firstly, today the Rojava revolution and the struggle of the Kurdish people to create an alternative system is gaining attention from the four corners of the world. But at the same time, the fighting of global forces and regional forces in Kurdistan is intensifying. Turkish state now wants to bring into force the Misak-i Milli contract, 100 years after its creation, through methods of occupation and massacres and to completely annihilate the Kurdish people. Their aim is that, in the new global world order, the Kurdish people won’t have any legal or democratic status. In this way, not only inside its own boarders, but also in Rojava and South Kurdistan, it is steering a war of annihilation. It is trying to annihilate all the achievements of the Kurdish people. This war of annihilation is especially targeted against women. Because women play a pioneering role in the struggle against fascism and oppression to create a life of freedom and respect. With the aim of destroying the pioneering role of women, special warfare is being directed against women. As a result, hundreds of women politicians, women who defend their homeland or that resist today are facing torture and isolation in Turkey’s prisons. A large number of Yazidi women are still being taken hostage. At the same time, in the occupied areas of Rojava, Kurdish women are being abducted by the Turkish state and its mercenary forces. From the Paris massacre to Kobani, women who play pioneering roles are targeted and killed. As a result, Kurdish women feel the effects of the occupation and genocidal politics even more, and despite this they still do not give up on their role as pioneers in their people’s resistance. In particular, they defend their role as pioneers in becoming a common nation, making freedom possible for their people and being responsible and decisive together. As women we know that, more than ever before, we have a need for unity and that the unity of women plays a strategic role in defending Kurdistan against occupation. Women, if they unify their strength, can succeed in every way.

To end the occupation by the Turkish state and to prevent new attacks, there is an urgent need for women to unite from all parts of Kurdistan and outside the homeland. In light of this and based on decisions  made at the Urgent Meeting of Kurdish Women in Rojava on the 15th of May in Qamishlo, we, the women who have signed below, have created an women’s initiative for the defense of Kurdistan against occupation and share this with the public. We, the initiative of women for the defense of Kurdistan against occupation, will from now on work and organize common actions with the aim of strengthening the stance of women and end the occupation by the Turkish state and prevent further attacks. We will use the slogan “Women defend Kurdistan against occupation”. With this aim, we proclaim the initiative to the public and call on women to join to take an influential stance against all attacks of occupation and defend Kurdistan.


  1. Asya Abullah Member of the Coordination of the Women’s Council of North and East Syria

2 Awat Husam El Dîn        Leader of the Association of Zoroaster in Kurdistan (South Kurdistan)

3 Arya Mele Ehmed          Co-Chair of the Committee of Creating Laws in the Jazira Region

4 Arzû Temo                      SARA organization

5 Aynur Paşa                      Lawyer

6 Beser Şahîn                     Artist (Europe)

7 Beşîra İsmayîl                 Lawyer

8 Canda Muhemed            Member of the Executive Institution of the Syrian Democratic Council

9 Delal Elhaşimî                Leader of the Democratic Green Party

10 Delal Fehîm Xelîl         Co-Chair of the Democratic Islam Congress

11 Derya Remezan            Co-Chair of the Relations Office of the Syrian Democratic Council

12 Dilsoz Zengene            Member of the Initiative for Solidarity with Rojava (South Kurdistan)

13 Dilşa Osman                 Speaker of Kongra Star Relations (Europe)

14 Ebîr Hesaf                     Academic in the Rojava University

15 Erîfa Bekir                    Committee of Women’s Relations in the Democratic Union Party (PYD)

16 Emîna Omer                 Co-Chair of the Syrian Democratic Council

17 Emîna Şêx Muhemed   Women’s Organization of the Syrian Kurdish Party

18 Enehîta Sîno                 Writer

19 Enehîta Şêxê                 Intellectual

20 Etiya Yûsif                    Lawyer

21 Evîn Cuma                   Human Rights Organization of Jazira

22 Evîn Qafûr                   Democratic Peace Party of Kurdistan

23 Evîn Yûsif                    Civil Reporter and Activist

24 Eyşê Efendî                  Leader of the Council of the Martyrs Families in the Euphrates Region

25 Eyşê Hiso                     Co-Chair of the Democratic Unity Party (PYD)

26 Fewziye Spiz                Teacher (South Kurdistan)

27 Feyrûz Xelîl                 Member of the Women’s Council of North and East Syria

28 Foza Ebdê                    Co-Chair of the Committee of Creating Laws in the Euphrates Region

29 Foza Yûsif                Member of the Leadership Institution of the Democratic Unity Party (PYD)

30 Hanan Osman               Kongra Star Diplomatic Committee (Lebanon)

31 Hediya Şemo               Coordination of the Yazidi Union in the Jaizra Region

32 Helîma Ebû Bekir         Leadership of the Internal Security Forces

33 Heyfa Mehmud            El Hedas and Democratic Party in Syria

34 Hêja İbrahîm                Member of the Kongra Star Council (Europe)

35 İlham Ehmed                Leadership of the Executive Institution of the Syrian Democratic Council

36 Jiyan Husên                  Member of the Coordination of the Women’s Council of North and East Syria

37 Leyla İbrahîm               Co-Chair of the Mala Yazidi in the Jazire Region

38 Leyla Musa                   Representation of the Syrian Democratic Council (Egypt)

39 Medya Ebdê                  Speaker of the Research Center for the Defense of Women’s Rights (Europe)

40 Meryem Fettahi             Leadership of KJAR (Europe)

41 Mizgîn Hesen                Leadership of the Research Center for the Defense of Women’s Rights in Syria

42 Mizgîn Zêdan                Co-chair or El Texyîe Party

43 Narîn Metînî                  Leadership of the Deomcratic Women’s Forum

44 Necah Gilo                    Martyrs Families Council

45 Necla Temo                   Şawoşka Association

46 Nezahet Nebo                Member of the Kongra Star Council (Europe)

47 Pencewîn Elî                 Rights Activists

48 Perwîn Yûsif                  Ch-chair of Qamishlo Canton

49 Remziye Muhemed       Speaker of Kongra Star

50 Riwyda Şêxê                 Committee of Women in the Organization El Tecdid El Kurdistan

51 Rîham Hico                   Member of the Coordination of TAJÊ (Shengal)

52 Ronak Mecid                 Kurdistan Freedom Organization (South Kurdistan)

53 Roşna Cemîl  Cafer       Civil Activists (South Kurdistan)

54 Ruken Ehmed                Co- Chair of Tev- Dem, the Democratic Society Movement

55 Saza Abdullah               Goran Party (South Kurdistan)

56 Sema Begdaş                Speaker of the Democratic Unity Party (PYD)

57 Sinem Mihemed            Representation of the Syrian Democratic Council (DYE)

58 Sîham Emoka                Rights Activist

59 Sîham Daud                  General Secretary of the Syrian Future Party

60 Stêr Qasim                    Civil Activist

61 Suad Hiso                      Women’s Office of the Democratic Society Movement, Tev Dem in the Sheba Region

62 Sultanê Xişo                   Free Women’s Foundation in Syria

63 Surûşt Helepçe                Rights Expert (South Kurdistan)

64 Şehle Muhemed              Member of the RJAK Coordination (South Kurdistan)

65 Şeyda Maruf                   Party of the Laobrers (South Kurdistan)

66 Şoxan Salih Mîrza          Civil Activist (South Kurdistan)

67 Xedîce İbrahîm               Lawyer

68 Xurbet İşlek                   Member of the Coordination of the İştar Council (Makhmour)

69 Zeyneb Muradî               Co-Chair of KNK (Europe)

70 Zeyneb Qenber              Women’s Office of the Syrian Democratic Council in the Sheba Region

71 Natalia Szarek               Women Defend Rojava Committee (England)

72 Dr. Mechthild Exo         Defend Kurdistan (Germany)


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