“The stability of the land is considered at the same time the stability of the self”

The terms land and homeland and their love create in any person many feelings, and thus create for them the rhymes and languages that define their belonging, and makes them offer the moral and material effort to keep them in a state of complete stability.

We exchange many beautiful terms and words with moral values ​​that motivate connection, love and cohesion with the places in which we grew up and grew up.  It is full of safety because the stability of the earth is considered at the same time the stability of the self, based on what has been mentioned, man sought refuge since ancient times and through long distances through time that contained within it a number of eras that were characterized by the volatility of its atmosphere and changing its climate, but that despite all the suffering and hardships he was exposed to, he sought  Always to build a life on a land that provides him with means of living and continuity within an atmosphere full of stability, in order to achieve peace and ensure the continuation of the human race. Women also played a leading and effective role by practicing the role of mother and teacher at the same time.  Follow-up and monitoring of her daily movement, which created between her and nature, the family and the homeland it belongs to, ties similar to the mother-child bond.  The infant that the mother seeks to protect, nurture and save from any harm. With this passion, the mother was able to establish the culture and morals that lead to the continuation of life to this day.  Accordingly, we can say that women have the strongest relationship with the environment and its resources, as they are the ones who raise the generations, and therefore it is they who develop in them a sense of responsibility towards the environment, and women bear the responsibility of managing the house, which makes them have a role in facing household pollution and in choosing environmentally appropriate housing. This stems from the close connection between  Women and nature, which stems historically from the relationship between them in natural society.  Therefore, it strives to preserve the inheritance that it acquired during its walk with nature, by using everything that is environmentally friendly.  Where women work extensively in cultivating the land, growing crops and vegetables, and herding animals.  Which makes her the most sensitive and sensual of environmental problems, starting with the deterioration of agricultural soil, drought, water and air pollution, and the spread of pests and diseases.  By following the principles of ethics and beauty.  As the woman, by observing nature and gaining experience from it for continuity, felt that nature gives and does not hold back, so she formed a relationship of love and harmony with her, just as the woman with the nature of her formation is completely similar to nature.  life necessities.  Accordingly, the first principles that the free woman represents is the principle of patriotism and adherence to the homeland and defending it. Therefore, women resist in order to protect their society and environment from sabotage and attacks that have been and are still being carried out by the authoritarian sexual forces on the environment and humanity together, through the establishment of a gender mentality that controls the minute details  Existence and exploiting it for its interests and continuity, and in order to achieve this, it created individuals with mentalities hostile and alienated from nature, and the fact that any interference in the environment is considered an interference on the body and mind of women with a direct relationship, meaning that the freedom of women is the freedom of the environment and society and their servitude to them.  These forces have always resorted to achieving this theory by enslaving women and belittling the environment and making it materials that existed to serve it over thousands of years and striving to keep the planet in a state of permanent chaos.  Which brought humanity and the environment to the highest levels of destruction, calling for our planet to not bear any other interference that harms the ecological balance, which is breathing hard as a result of its violation and the lack of respect for its balances by the authoritarians and dominants on the earth.  Therefore, in order to get rid of the negative effects of this mentality, we, the revolutionary and militant women throughout history, especially the women within the Kongra Star movement in north and east Syria, see ourselves as bearing the greatest responsibility towards achieving a national environmental revolution calling for environmental peace through the realization of the two principles of patriotism and patriotism that can be achieved through  During the continuation of the struggle within the Rojava revolution, which was achieved by the hands and sacrifices of thousands of martyrs also by following the thought and philosophy of the leader Abdullah Ocalan, which takes the ecological aspect as a cornerstone in getting rid of the diseases of the authoritarian mentality and continuing to live for longer periods by following ecological, economic, technological and ideological policies in our daily lives from  In order to connect and communicate with the environment and remove all forms of environmental alienation, thus achieving belonging to the land and not allowing any aggression or occupation that might disturb the unity and peace of this land.  Achieving an ecological revolution passes through the preservation of the green culture that still lives and lives beautifully within the villages and towns that were not touched by the capitalists.




 Rihan Tammo


 Spokesperson for the Environment Committee of Congra Star

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