To the women who fight for freedom and organize themselves, and to democratic public opinion

Kongra Star invited all the women of the world; Organized women's movements, struggles and women's initiatives on June 23, 2021: to celebrate June 23 "the day of struggle against massacres targeting the identity of political women and women fighting for freedom" in the world and a step and continue your struggle for freedom today.

 yasterday, Wednesday, 22/6/2022, the Kongra Star Council in North and East Syria issued a written statement to the public opinion regarding the Hallang massacre.

 Here is the text of the written statement:

 “On the second anniversary of the martyrdom of the martyrs Zahra Barkal, Habon Mulla Khalil and Mother Wissi, who were martyred in the attack of a drone belonging to the Turkish occupation state on June 23, 2020, in the village of Halanj in the Kobani canton, we remember the martyrs of the Halang massacre with respect.  and love.”

 It was said in the statement: “This fierce attack was aimed at breaking the will of Kobani, the citadel of resistance and steadfastness.  The massacre of hundreds of innocent people from the people of the region.

We salute the martyrs of the Halling and Kobani massacres and all the martyrs of the month of June, whose goal was to destroy the courage and political will of the people and women who fought for freedom, with the promise of realizing their desires and dreams and building a free life.

 The ideology of World War III is strictly sexist.  The hegemonic dictatorship, by fomenting sexism through war all over the world, wants to establish a colonial dictatorship.  The mentality, language, political practices, and organization of World War III are linked to this sexual ideology.  Dominant men occupy cities with sexual slogans and want to justify and legitimize all kinds of rape and attacks by occupiers on children, women, and society at large.  On the other hand, the dominant male mentality in the world and in our region wants to shape women according to their goals and unite them with the dominant system.  The acts of the sexual ideology that has prevailed in our time are on the level of an incredible and brutal war against women.  One of the main goals of the hegemonic masculinity that systematically perpetuates dictatorship is the elimination of organized female leadership and will.  The assassination of politicians, journalists, activists and women fighters in the ranks of the guerrilla forces who lead the struggle for social freedom in many countries around the world has demonstrated this goal.

 Thus, the statement continued, “The dominant powers in the world are trying to normalize the fascism that has been achieved all over the world through male domination, and fascism which is the most cruel and anti-women and anti-people form of fascism. We have seen and are still living through the most prominent examples of this effort of ISIS and its attacks on the region  , and in Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya and many other countries, and most recently in Ukraine. In the last ten years in particular, many attacks and massacres have been imposed on our geography with the aim of legitimizing fascism. The hegemony and patriarchal mentality of the state, is in contrast to the attitudes of women to political consciousness  And the organizer, which is formed especially by the Turkish state and its gangs, commits massacres and barbaric attacks.Perhaps the most prominent example of this is the Hallang massacre on June 23, 2020. That is why, last year, on June 23, like Kongra Star, we declared this day “The Day of Struggle  against murders against the identity of women politicians.” This year and every year after that, June 23 will be for us a day of perseverance and action to spark the organizational and political struggle of the twenty-first century.  Women in the general struggle for democracy, freedom and the environment.  And let us not forget these attacks that were carried out against our organized political will, so that our responsibility will increase to the same extent.  We will continue our struggle until the goals of our friends and women who were martyred in these attacks and their dreams of a free and democratic country are achieved.  We will be followers of the cause of the free and pioneering woman.  Leader Apo’s resistance to isolationist practices unparalleled in the world today is a great force for all the oppressed and women, trying to isolate and neutralize people and women.  Fighters of the Union of Free Women Star, against the combined attacks of the fascist occupying forces and the traitorous Kurdish forces in the free mountains of Kurdistan and the fight for legal freedom against the brutality of the Taliban in Northeast Syria, Middle East, Afghanistan and in different parts of the world also women struggle.  This struggle is an inspiration and strength for all women.

 On this basis in the name of Kongra Star for all the women of the world;  We repeat our call to organized women’s movements, women’s struggles and initiatives on June 23, 2021: Let’s celebrate June 23 “the day of struggle against massacres targeting the identity of women politicians and women fighting for freedom” in the world and a step and continue your struggle for freedom today.  We are determined that all the women around the world who stand against the policies of occupation, against the environment, against women and against peoples, will be inspired by our struggle for freedom, in our resistance and struggle.  in order to live.  We will increase our strength in our organized struggle and our freedom, we will break the isolation imposed on the free man and the leader.

 On this basis with the promise that we will deserve the resistance of the twenty-first century and the history of western and northeastern Syria which represents a strong front for the women’s revolution;  We remember with respect all the martyrs of June in the person of Zeinab Kanaji, Sama Yuga, Filiz Yerlikaya and Leyla Agri.”

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