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“Zehra Wahaboon are pioneers of the people”

On the occasion of the anniversary of the martyrdom of the two pioneers, Zahra Barkal and Habon Qahraman, the mother of the two martyrs spoke and said: "They were the pioneers of their people."

 On 06/23/2021, a drone belonging to the Turkish occupation state launched an attack on the center of Qamishlo city, and through the aggressive attack launched by the Turkish occupation state, the three pioneering women, Habon, Zahra, and Laila, were targeted.  The three women entrepreneurs had a prominent role within the community, and they were members of the Kongra Star movement.  Through these systematic targeting, the enemy wanted to weaken the role of women within society, and to marginalize their role and their work as well.  On this topic, the mother of the martyr Habon Qahraman Sakine Bakr, Khaleda Sinjar and the mother of the martyr Zahra Barkal spoke about this.

 “My daughter has become the bride of Kurdistan

 Sakineh referred to the life of the martyr Huboun and continued by saying: “Habbun was a young woman with high strength and spirits. One day she came to me and said to me: ‘My mother, today I had a strange dream.’  I saw it, my daughter.  My mother, I dreamed of the leader Abdullah Ocalan, and that I was drinking water from a spring, and at that time I knew that it was time for me to meet the leader, so I told her to go, my son, so may God be with you.  On this basis, my daughter became the bride of Kurdistan.  We have lived in this village for 30 years and we have raised our children in this village.”

 “Haboun’s wish was to be martyred in Kobani

 Sakineh stated that her daughter, Habun, was very virtuous and had a will. She said: “After Habun joined the freedom movement, she came for the first time to Kobani. I saw her and received her with warmth and happiness. The neighbors gathered around Habon with happiness. She worked in all fields, after the battles began.”  In Kobani, she always joined the battles, and Habon’s wish was to be martyred in Kobani. In the end, she became the torch of freedom in Kobani.”

 We live on the thought of Leader Apo.”

 Sakineh mentioned that the woman protects her land, and she concluded her speech with this saying: “Huboun used to create something from herself every time for every young woman, every patriotic woman, and every woman with a right. She never accepted to waste her effort, and her resistance was high and clear  I ask all the women of the world to do their utmost to protect their revolution and the gains of this revolution, in addition to protecting the soil, the homeland, identity, language and culture. Because we live on the thought and philosophy of the leader Abdullah Ocalan.

 “I didn’t miss a minute of work

 As the mother of the martyr Zahra said, kicking Khaleda Sinjar: “At the beginning of the revolution, I was working, and I did not hesitate to work for one minute. After that, little by little, my daughters got to know the freedom movement.  She moved to the city of Aleppo and received her education for three years in the city of Aleppo. Zahra rose to the level of law in her studies, and besides that, Zahra worked for 11 years without interruption.”

 “Zahra had different qualities

 Khaleda explained that Zahra was a very knowledgeable and virtuous girl, and she spoke at length: “Zahra worked day and night with the movement relentlessly. She did not want to stand for one minute. Therefore, any work that was asked of her, she would do and master it.”  My daughter Zahra was struggling in any way whatsoever, and she was ready for any situation, and she did not accept weakness. She was a great woman, and every woman who wanted to live in freedom and peace on her land and in her homeland, but she could not, was Zahra who supported her.”

 Khaleda Sinjar concluded her speech by emphasizing victory and said: “We will resist until the last moment, and victory is the ally of the Kurdish people against the occupation.”

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