The insistence on socialism is the insistence on the formation of man

      Realizing truth is our fundamental capacity for freedom that cannot be virtual.  A person is free as much as he knows the truth.  There are efforts to create a virtual community today.  Accordingly, our official website is the (PKK) website, which is the mouthpiece of the organizing force of the truth and its activities, and as a result of the fierce attacks that our website was subjected to by the fascists, its broadcast has been suspended for a while.  Because we were speaking the truth;  So we became vulnerable to the attacks of gangs and thugs (MÎT) agents who had plotted against our people, the leaders of our movement;  Kurdistan Freedom Movement, who came to Southern Kurdistan.  But they were arrested and captured as part of the revolutionary operation carried out by the fighters of the Kurdistan Freedom Movement (Guerilla).  With the announcement of the news of that information and its dissemination through the media, our site was hacked by the fascists, as it stopped broadcasting for a period.  After this temporary interruption, and with your presence, we renew the meeting with you with a new broadcast and a site that is stronger, richer and more effective.  We will continue to provoke the various forces of reaction, fascism, imperialism and world chauvinism;  Exploitation systems that took man out of his being.  So we will start broadcasting our site again and with that we continue.

   With the zeal of Damocles and Socrates’ law “Know thyself” and the power of all the people of truth, we fortified the faith of the Prophet Ibrahim Al-Khalil against the Namdareh, coming like the Prophet Jesus carrying the cross on our backs.  We walk like the presence of the Prophet Noah who survived the flood.  This is our war – the greatest jihad – that we are waging, like the jihad of the Prophet Muhammad and his fight against ignorance.  In the style of Hormuz down to Zoroaster and Hallaj, from Pir Sultan to Babkan, from Mani to Abu Zaran, from Sheikh Saeed to Syed Rida, from Bassa to Mazloum and Kamal, from Sarya to Rosa, from Britan to Zilan, from Dilan to Atakan, to all  People whose bodies have become precious lives, to everyone who has the word of truth, for their words are our words, their faith is our faith, their path is our path, and their activities are our activities.  We swear by their name;  Wherever fascists, exploiters, authoritarians, oppressors and murderers are present, we will be on the lookout for them. We will be on the side of those who yearn for freedom and on the side of the oppressed and the colonized.  Whether the name of the oppressors is the Islamic State of the Levant and Iraq (ISIS), the Justice and Development Party (AKP), the National Movement Party (MHP), the Baath Party or whatever, so be it.  We will be like the bullet that goes out of the barrel of a gun, moving towards our goals without hesitation.  If the price of this is our dear lives, we will sacrifice them.  But we will never retreat from the prostration of those who yearn for freedom like Babak and others.  We will proceed from the path of free life, which is the love of our truth.

 Global reaction, colonialism and imperialism may be stronger than us in terms of material power, and the world may work hard to suffocate us and keep us in the dark.  But the amount of a small fraction of the truth is enough to root them out.  Of course, it depends on the time and the style of our struggle.  Our people’s organizational struggle, thirsty for freedom, is clearly visible.

We begin on the eighth of March, which is a practical proof of the immortality of the martyrs, such as Sara, Zilan and Britan, and marked by reactivating our site.  Our party, which blessed the forty-first anniversary of its founding with its great and unparalleled activities, is well known how it struggled in the past, and from now on it will fight for the hopes of freedom and liberation of our people.  On this site, we will try to present various analyzes, books, and assessments of Commander Apo.  In addition to the assessments of our movement’s pioneering cadres, their writings, evaluations and videos of martyrs with details of the lives of the fighters of the Kurdistan Freedom Movement, along with ideological, political, organizational, economic, cultural and social issues…etc.  We will share all these topics with our dear followers.

 Our community is our sanctity.  The thought of socialism, which we consider as a compass for us, is what illuminates our path, and we walk towards it without experiencing a moment of hesitation.  That is why we also cry out as our leader: “Insist on socialism is persistence in humanity!”

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