The legitimate defense The legitimate defense process is a necessity in order to continue to exist…

We live in a geographically strategic spot, politically and historically. This spot has been subjected to external attacks and internal strife for thousands of years.  In addition to the systematic physical and cultural extermination programmed for two hundred years at the hands of capitalist modernity and its tools represented in nation-states and sectarianism.  In the face of this bitter and tense reality, the legitimate defense process turned into a necessity in order to continue to exist, in addition to the fact that freedom, as the highest goal, was completely linked to the extent of the success of this process and the high pace of the resistance’s readiness. If freedom means “awareness of necessity,” then the necessity of resistance and legitimate defense is  One freedom.  This means that the struggle for existence is the essence of the struggle for freedom, and nothing more.  The main contradiction in this equation is between slavery on the one hand and freedom on the other.  Whoever seeks and struggles for freedom must support, support, and even join the process of legitimate defense and self-protection in all its forms.  As for those who want to impose slavery and remain in the quagmire of losing identity, will and management, they will seek to marginalize resistance and self-protection, downplay their value, and thus defame them and fight them by all possible means.

We are now in Rojava living a struggle between these two poles of the equation or between the two conflicting parties, one party wants and works to develop ways of legitimate self-defense and resistance, and another party weaves games with the support of the dominant regional and global powers, with the aim of disturbing the atmosphere and disrupting self-defense and resistance.  This party claims to be part of the Syrian revolution against the regime, but it escaped from confronting the regime in Al-Hasakah and before that in Sheikh Maqsoud, Karzuru, and Tel Kogrokamishlo.  This party seeks by various dirty means to attach the accusation of terrorism to the resistance, in particular to the People’s Protection Units and the Women’s Protection Units, while on the other hand it seeks to beautify the face of mercenaries and fascist gangs that attack the presence of our people in Rojava and describe these anti-human gangs as the revolutionaries of Syria.  The process of legitimate self-defense and resistance against the brutal attacks in Kobani, Hasaka and Shingal, and in all the front lines in the four parts of Kurdistan, is an expression of the policy of adhering to the historical identity of our society and access to free will and social and national management.  Khani and Fiqh fly to Jakar Khoen, Sherko Beaks and Osman Sabri.

The party that attacks self-defense under the guise of the Kurdish, does not have the will or the independent political decision, but rather moves according to the requirements of the political agendas of the regional sectarian alliances and the international alliances hostile to democracy and the freedom of peoples.  No matter how these anti-resistance groups try to hide behind the opposition banner, they are not opposition, but rather are fully consistent with the policies of the colonial regimes against the will and resistance of the Kurdish people and other peoples.  These groups, some of them do not exceed the fingers of a hand in terms of number, and they secure personal and family interests under the guise of the opposition, and trade in the most sacred values, and practice demagogy and Baconism through the screens of channels that have turned into mouthpieces for the enemy.  On monthly salaries, incentives, and gratuities from kings and sultans in the Middle East and the world. Even the coffins of the martyrs turned into a target for their dirty propaganda. As a result, the counter-revolution was able to turn these groups into agents for them in the Kurdish and diaspora streets, and as an extension of the political Daeshism spreading as an epidemic in the body of the so-called opposition.

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