Kongra star lives the women’s revolution in Rojhlat Kurdistan and calls on all peoples who call for freedom to rise up

Kongra sastar lives the women's revolution in Rojhlat Kurdistan and calls on all peoples who call for freedom to rise up.

Monday, 26/9/2022, issued a written statement, to support and support the uprising in Rojhalt Kurdistan and Iran, against the Iranian authoriti

We salute from Rojava and North and East Syria the struggle of the women and all the people who have been on the streets in Eastern Kurdistan and Iran every day for more than a week, rebelling against oppression and violence.

Demonstrations in Eastern Kurdistan and Iran against the brutal murder of Jina Amini by a frauenfeindlichem system led to uprisings against the oppressive Iranian regime. The death of Jina Amini was the spark that ignited the fire of people’ anger that had been burning for years  and turned it into a fire for the demand for freedom. This popular uprising began in Kurdistan and became a popular uprising for democracy and freedom throughout Iran.

It is not the first time that there are protests against the Iranian regime, but this time people, led by women, are demanding the freedom of women and the democratization of Iran. Women as the avant-garde define the color of resistance, they make a statement with their courage, anger and creativity and carry the population along with them. The actions of women who cut their hair, burn their headscarves, dance in public and step on cars and walls are a revolution. With these actions, they are leading the way and giving courage and morale to all freedom-loving people in the East, in Iran, in Kurdistan and around the world.

As we know, control over women’s bodies and subjugation of women are essential for the Iranian regime. One of the main pillars of the Iranian regime and their power apparatus is the oppression of women, and this uprising is directed against that. Women’s freedom is at the center of the people’s demands.The Iranian people, the Kurds and especially the women reject the ruling Iranian system and this system is shaken with the slogan “Jin Jiyan Azadi” ‘Woman, Life, Freedom’. As the leader of the peoples Abdullah Ocalan stated, “The society can be free only with the freedom of women”, the people of Kurdistan and Iran have started the march for the freedom of women and peoples.

Women’s resistance, women’s hair, women’s anger, women’s freedom are a great threat to the Iranian regime. For more than forty years, the Iranian regime has oppressed the people and closed itself to change and transformation, which is why it attacks the popular uprisings with great violence. Iran does not want change, but tries to smother the fire of revolution by discussing reforms or small changes, but history has proven that this is not possible. There are no reforms, because this system was built on the basis of the oppression of women and society, its change only comes through its destruction.

Since the beginning of the uprising, more than 50 people have been killed by Iranian forces and an as yet unknown number have been injured and detained. Especially women who lead this rebellion are targeted, arrested, killed and they try to silence women.  Despite the pressure and attacks on the uprising population, they continue to demonstrate with determination and courage, shaking the system.

We strongly condemn the Iranian regime for the murder of Jina Amini, for killing all demonstrations and the violence against the people. The regime tries to intimidate people by force, it tries to silence people by shutting down the Internet, it wants to weaken support. But people’s sacrifice, courage and resistance have had a great impact, and everyone should look at them, listen to them and fight alongside them.

We remember all those who sacrificed their lives for freedom, we must make their wishes come true. We call on all women, all freedom-loving and democratic organizations and individuals to join and support the resistance from everywhere. Their struggle is our struggle. The freedom of one woman is the freedom of all women, we must fight hand in hand all over the world until we destroy patriarchy, capitalism and fascism.

Jin Jiyan Azadi

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