Kongra Star statement on the recent attack by the Turkish state

‘This attack clearly demonstrates Edrogan’s fear of a free woman’s philosophy’

For a long time now the attacks of the occupying Turkish state on North and East Syria have been continuing, and the enemy will not loosen it’s grip on the people of the region. Their attacks specifically target civilians, no matter if they are young, old, or women and children.

We know too well that the Turkish state acts without basic humanity and is the enemy of the democratic, women-centred system. This fascist state, that does not accept democracy, cannot stand to see a democratic system with women at the forefront develop. Instead, the Turkish state wants to install dark forces along the lines of the Islamic State.

It’s no accident that these attacks coincide with the meeting in Astana. This attack is the result of cooperation between the Turkish state and Russia. Erdogan’s political attacks multiply after the elections; a sworn enemy of the Kurds, before the elections he promised to attack the Kurdish people and declared a massacre on the people of the region. He is playing his hand to realise his aims of a new Ottoman Empire.

All of these attacks take place in front of the eyes of the world, but unfortunately no one raises their voice: not the United Nations, not the European Union, no international coalition, nor human rights organisations, and their silence is his accomplice. The people who for years fought the violence and terrorising oppression of the Islamic State are now defending themselves against the Turkish state’s occupying forces.

Yesterday morning, as our friend and comrade Yusra Derwîş – co-chair of the Qamishlo Canton of the autonomous administration – was heading to her work with her companions, the grim reality of the attacks of the occupying, fascist Turkish state struck. Tragically Yusra, her colleage Lîman Şiwêş and Firat Tûma were martyred, and her co-chair Gabî Şemûn heavly wounded.

We express our deepest condolences to their families and comrades, we honour them with lowered heads, and we wish our injured comrade a fast recovery.

We must point out that the attacks of the occupying, fascist Turkish state are mostly on women. This reveals it’s fear in the face of a free women’s thought and philosophy.

Heval Lîman and Yusra Derwîş both devoted themselves completely to the service of their land and their society as examples of leadership for many years. They were ceaselessly working for women to achieve a liberated identity, to take ownership of their will, and to stand on their own feet. Working tirelessly, these friends left their mark on many different works at many levels – in society, in education, and in the academies.

By attacking these friends, the animosity of the Turkish state reaches its peak. After the three women comrades massacred in Helence, after Zehra Berkel, Zeynep Saroxan, Hevrîn Xelef, Jiyan Tolhildan, Yadê Eqîde and dozens more women have been martyred from the attacks of the fascist Turkish state, these attacks do not just come out of nowhere.

But we can say clearly: as much as our enemies target free women, we – as the companions of these honoured martyrs – will walk their road until the end. We will follow the way of our martyrs.

As Kongra Star, we condemn this savage attack in the strongest possible terms. We swear that we will follow our martyrs until the end. We call out for all women, and society itself, to find themselves in their martyrs and bring revolutionary principles to light.

Kongra Star Assembly

20th Jun 2023

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