Statement: Long live the resistance and struggle of women in Afghanistan and Shengal!

A statement to the public:

9 Years have passed since ISIS perpetrated a horrific genocide against the Yazidi community in Shengal on 3 August 2014. Thousands of people, women and children were killed, kidnapped and sold on the slave market in front of the whole world, and tens of thousands of people were forced to flee. Children were robbed of their culture, identity and religion and used by ISIS as soldiers in their war. In the 21st century, the whole world witnessed murder, rape, violence and all forms of genocide against the Yazidi population; thousands of the abducted women are still missing.

A similar genocidal policy was used by the Taliban against Afghan women in August 2021 after the withdrawal of the United States. The plan was to hand over the Afghan women to the terrorist policy of the Taliban, which is the same systematic extermination policy that the hegemonic powers used against the Yezidi women by handing them over to ISIS. These dirty plans of the hegemonic powers against women are aimed at destroying their willpower and bringing women back to the era of slavery.

With the slogan “We will stop the massacre of women and build a new life by organising”, we express our solidarity on behalf of the women’s organisations and movements in Rojava, North and East Syria and commemorate the martyrs of the Shengal and Afghanistan resistance.

The women of Afghanistan and Shengal draw their hope from the women’s revolution in Rojava. With all our strength, we will be a response to their hopes and aspirations. We are actively participating in the solidarity campaign that KJK is organising between 3 and 15 August with a series of activities and solidarity actions against all genocidal measures and violence against women in the 21st century. Women will write their history with golden letters with their struggle and resistance and with their struggle all genocidal plans against women will fail.

Long live the resistance and struggle of women!

Jin, Jiyan, Azadî! Women, life, freedom!

Women’s organizations and movements in Rojava and North and East Syria.


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