New Campaign of the Women’s Ecological Platform of Rojava

To the press and the public:

This year, as part of the campaign “Freedom for Öcalan and a political solution to the Kurdish question”, we will be carrying out the campaign “Building forests against desertification”, which we do every year.

We took a step a month ago by reading the old minutes of the meeting with leader Abdullah Öcalan every Wednesday, the day the meetings were always held.

From now on, we will carry out a campaign from January 9 to April 4 under the motto “For our existence against femicide and ecocide – resistance for freedom!”.

We are launching this campaign mainly in Kurdistan and the Middle East against the femicide and ecocide that is happening all over the world and dedicating the campaign to the women in resistance.

The freedom of women and nature depends on the freedom of the leader Abdullah Öcalan. Therefore, only by embracing and implementing the ideas of the leader Abdullah Öcalan can we gain our freedom, see ourselves as part of nature and live with it. Because nature is neither a threat to us nor something we should claim as our property. Nature is our living space. The problems we are experiencing today are due to the wrong approaches of patriarchal and state power and therefore play a fundamental role in not solving ecological problems or the problems of women’s freedom. The history of civilization has always ideologically negated nature, the environment, the land and women by denying the agrarian village society that developed with the achievements of women in material production in the Neolithic period. It transformed these emerging values into instruments of profit and oppression under male hegemony. The change was made by keeping the woman at home and continuously exploiting the land. It began with the Sumerian city-states and progressed to the destruction of nature, and over time it grew with man-made desertification. For this reason, state civilization plays an important role in desertification in Mesopotamia and especially in the Middle East, where there is no environmental history. Just as women, as the most fundamental element of society, were forced to deny nature, nature was also exploited according to the logic of gaining power and the exploitation.

In this way, humanity was separated from nature, life and society. In this way, women and nature were subjected to the most brutal massacres in the history of state civilization. That is why flowers and trees against this mentality should be planted in all houses, streets, gardens and squares on July 9, to ensure that we do not close our eyes to femicide and ecocide. We must keep the idea of the leader Abdullah Öcalan alive and live the spirit of free nature and free women by planting a tree for every woman and forest that has been killed.

On this basis, we invite all parts of society to connect the roots of each tree with their own. Because society itself has an ecological dialectic at its core. In order to return to our roots and put an end to killing, we are uniting on the path to an ecological society with the concept “Every house a sapling, every sapling a tree”. Let us fight to transform your barren nature into a forest and a magnificent plant world!

Let us promote ecology and women’s freedom, destroy all balances of the patriarchal state system, destroy the murderous mentality!

On this basis, we will carry out a number of activities during the campaign:

1- Assemblies will be held in all localities on the theme “Every house a sapling, every sapling a tree”.

2- Education on the relationship between women, nature and society,

3- Trees will be planted in the places where women leaders were killed.

Long live leader APO.

Long live an ecological life.

Women’s Ecological Platform of Rojava.

January 8, 2024

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