Kongreya Star calls on the UN to act for Afrin

Members of Kurdish Women’s Movement Kongreya Star Tal Rifat Coordination have added their voices to those protesting against the invasion of Afrin carried out by the Turkish state and its mercenary allies.

The statement was read in the district center, where banners had been hung reading: ‘Can you hear the women of Afrin shouting?’ and ‘No to the occupation’.

The statement was read in Kurdish by Ronahi Shexo, in Arabic by Sheyma Oso, and in English by Rihan Mihemed.

Ronahi Shexo, who read the statement in Kurdish, said Afrin was the safest and most peaceful city of Syria. She added that the Turkish invasion had turned it into a haven for terrorist groups.

Shexo reminded that the invading Turkish state has been responsible for atrocious attacks against the people as well as the looting of the city. She added that the demographic structure of the city is been changed and that Afrin people are not allowed to return to their homes.

Shexo pointed out that the occupying Turkish state and its mercenary allies targeted above all women, and that Kongreya Star has documented inhumane attacks such as massacres, rape and violence against 154 women since 20 January.

Women, added Shexo, are under great pressure in psychological, social and economic terms, and called on all international women’s institutions to stand with the women of Afrin.

Underlining that Afrin women will continue to resist, Ronahi Shexo called on the United Nations to fulfill its responsibility and act against the occupation by the Turkish state.

The press meeting ended with slogans and chants by the members of Kongreya Star who had participated in the event.

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