Nov 1 Kobanê Solidarity Message

The first day of November marks the international day of solidarity with Kobanê, a historic day that drew the whole world’s attention to the fortress of resistance. It wasn’t only the World Kobanê Day but the day that the Kurdish people united wholeheartedly and Kobanê became a symbol of brotherhood and world peace. Where Kobanê was crowned as the capitol of world peace. The Kobanê resistance lasted forty-nine days and continued for more than two years. From there emerged the legendary stand of the Kurdish fighters despite the differences in numbers and equipment between them and the mercenaries of the Islamic State (ISIS).
The city was surrounded on three sides and placed in the range of heavy fire. The worst terrorist and inhumane practices were carried out against them; killing the elderly, women and children in order to empty the area of its people. The north remained at the mercy of the Turkish occupation which mobilized its forces on the border to face the repercussions of the displacement of tens of thousands of Kobanê’s residents in search of security and protection. Despite all this, the Kurds didn’t surrender and defended their land with all their capabilities to fight the terrorist organizations represented by ISIS and fought side by side with the units of YPG. The resistance was successful after the sacrifices of hundreds of martyrs in defense of life and freedom of the community. Martyrs and thousands of wounded have provided the highest legend known to history when they confronted the terrorist groups with their solid mentality and they gained the respect of the whole world.
Kobanê’s resistance is not only a military victory but it’s also a victory of peace against the war of terrorism and victory of resistance against authoritarian domination. It seems that the past years of violence and terrorism haven’t satisfied the Turkish repression machine which has been hostile to the Syrian people in general and the Kurds in particular. It is Turkey once again targeting the liberated and secure areas of Afrin with the help of its mercenaries from Al -Nusra Front and ISIL who use heavy and internationally prohibited weapons against innocent civilians, women, the elderly, and children. Even the trees and stones haven’t been spared from their barbarity. They destroyed the infrastructure in Afrin such as schools, hospitals, places of worship, public institutions and monuments.
Turkey and it’s mercenaries have raped and killed women, replaced the indigenous people from their homes and settlements with strangers who came from Al-Ghouta and given them homes. The people of Afrin and YPG forces resisted the Turkish army with unprecedented heroic resistance for 58 days with very limited capabilities against their heavy and sophisticated weapons. The resistance continues through special heroic operations which target Turkish mercenaries and terrorist factions. This resistance was a test for all Northern Syria and it’s people: Arabs Kurds, Assyrian and others. Women in Northern Syria played a leading role in the resistance, while women from all people around the world have joined hands in solidarity.
Yes, Afrin has been conquered but it will not fall and will remain a thorn in the side of terrorism. We have defended of the people of Northern Syria and liberated the regions from the scourge of terrorism, and so will we liberate Afrin and all the areas occupied by Turkey. We condemn and deplore the barbaric acts of this brutal aggression against the regions of Northern Syria appeal to all international and human rights organizations not to stand idly by while the massacres of Erdogan take place under his policy of terrorism toward the Kurdish people. We also call for the dispatch of special committees to investigate violations by Turkey and it’s mercenaries against Afrin and neighboring cities.
We strongly condemn the barbaric Turkish attacks in the areas of and the villages of Kobanê. We join our voices with the young womens’ movement by denouncing these blatant attacks on the area of Northeast Syria.
Women Rise up for Afrin!
Glory and eternity to our martyrs and shame to the enemies of the Kurdish people.

Star Congress

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