Video Statement on the Paris Massacre

A video and statement in memory of Sakine Cansiz and the attacks in Paris on 9 January.

On the 5th anniversary of the Paris massacre, we as Star Congress respectfully remember Martyr Sakine and all martyrs in the fight for freedom, and renew the promise of resistance. During the night of 9-10 January 2013, Sakine Cansiz fell martyr along with two other Kurdish activists, Fidan Doğan and Leyla Saylemez.
Sakine embodied a spirit of resistance drawing from the history of women to fight against fascist and authoritarian mentalities that control the will of the people. In Paris, the birthplace of modern democracy, a Turkish intelligence agent performed this brutal killing.
In 2018, the attacks on Afrin were likewise an attack on the people’s hope and the women’s revolution. There, hundreds of comrades like Avesta who did not bow to Erdogan’s tyranny, sacrificed their lives to protect the people of Afrin.
Today, Turkey’s goal is to destroy the project of democracy and unity in northeastern Syria by threatening to occupy the land there.
We, as Star Congress stand against these attacks as we are continuing to lead the struggle for freedom.
On this basis, we call upon our people and all women organizations around the globe on the 9th of January to participate in activities in memory of Sakine and Avesta. We demand that the international community break its silence and hold the Turkish state responsible for such attacks.


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