Kongra Star Coordination commemorated martyrs of June 25

The Kongra Star Coordination commemorated the martyrs of June 25 who martyred in the massacre by Daesh mercenaries in Kobanî.

The Daesh mercenaries on June 25 -2015 carried out a massacre in the city of Kobanî and the Berkh Botan village located south of Kobanî city where hundreds of women and children lost their lives in this massacre. In this regard Kongra Star Coordination issued a written statement which noted:

The Daesh mercenaries carried out a massacre against the people of Kobanî on June 25 -2015 where 242 people were martyred and many people wounded.

This heinous massacre reflects the brutality of these mercenaries where they wanted to stabilize their presence, but thanks to the resistance and sacrifices in the battles of al-Raqqa, al-Tabqa and Manbij and Deir ez-Zor our military troops managed to eliminate Daesh militarily and deter them in the area of North and East of Syria.

We, Kongra Star, condemns these practices and assert that such practices will not prevent us in our revolution and building a free democratic society revolution.

Once again we commemorate all the martyrs and we renew our pledge in building a free society and we will walk on the approach of the freedom philosophy and the democratic revolution.

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