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Kongra Star Academy Women’s platform to develop their capabilities

In the years of war in Syria, the people of the Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood in Aleppo suffered from the attacks of mercenary groups, which had a certain effect on the social life of the inhabitants of the neighborhood. After the strengthening of security and stability and the gradual return of the people to their homes, various social institutions were active to fulfill their responsibilities in organizing social, administrative, knowledge and service mobility in the neighborhood.

In view of the active participation of women during the years of resistance in the neighborhood, it is necessary to prepare specific plans and programs for the rehabilitation of this sector culturally, politically, socially and in various other fields to enhance their participation in rebuilding a free political and moral society and women’s self-regulation independently and consolidating the ideology of women’s freedom in society.

Kongra Star in Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood took upon itself this task and began its first steps through the establishment of a training and rehabilitation academy that allows the women of the neighborhood the opportunity to receive knowledge and raise their level in various fields.

Opening of the Kongra Star Academy in Aleppo

The Kongra Star Academy was opened in Aleppo on 5 November 2018 in Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood. The training the Academy in Aleppo is supervised by a three-member training committee.

To date, the academy has completed 5 open and closed training courses with 118 trainees from different components.

Open Training Courses

Since its inception, the academy has organized 3 open training courses with 77 trainees, including special courses for women from the Arab component. The training period begins at 08.00 to 16.00 hours, and continues on a weekly basis. The trainees receive a variety of courses, including the importance of training, leadership, women’s history, charter of Kongra Star, manner and speech, sexism, women, politics, the organization and management.

Closed Courses

The Academy also organized two closed courses of 20 days with 41 trainees trained in a training program that included lessons on the Charter of Kongra Star, the history of Syria, terminology, the history of Kurdistan, the natural society, women’s science, “He said.

The training program includes lectures and documentaries, as well as special Kurdish language lessons.

A member of the Training Committee of the Academy Rojava Suleiman said that the Academy began its training program with the opening of open courses followed by closed courses, attended by dozens of women members of the committees, councils and institutions.

She pointed out that through training courses, they seek to rehabilitate women and raise their knowledge level and enable them to perform their duties in various institutions and fields.


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