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[Signature Campaign] Call for strengthening of solidarity among women against occupation and genocide!

Last year, four of our friends who actively and politically supported women’s rights were murdered by government forces.


Hevrin Xelef, Zehra, Hebun and Mother Emine are just a few of the cases of these political femicides that are common throughout the world.


The aim of this dossier is to make visible the systematization of the killing of women activists by the states and their use to weaken the movements that oppose their imperialist and capitalist plans.


Now, the case Zehra, Hebûn and Emina, as well as the case of Hevrin Xelef, murdered on 12 October 2019, has occurred in the context of the process of Turkish occupation of Northern Syria, and responds to the desire to stop the resistance of women, which is an obstacle to the development of the Turkish project for the region.

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