KJK: Let us eradicate male violence, fascism and build free life

The Kurdistan Women Union Coordination issued a statement regarding the Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, which falls on the 25th of November.

The statement said: “This is the main meaning that we give to the Day of November 25th, while violence and extermination against women increases the growth of the fascist, racial, and nationalist regimes. We must unify our struggle against fascism and occupation, and this is the right time.

We live in an era of unresolved systematic warfare, and there is a state of war against women that has not been announced, and has not been named. We are at a time when patriarchal violence has appeared, and hundreds of women are killed every day by a man. Every minute a woman is subjected to harassment and rape, and every moment, thousands of women are exposed to violence. This violence against women came by the authoritarian patriarchal mentality that considers women the property of men.

This mentality which organized itself in the form of a world order has always produced physical, sexual, psychological, economic and digital violence against women in all areas of life, so through the radical struggle against the patriarchal mentality and social sexuality, we can prevent this violence, as there has been violence practiced on us since 5000 years, and as time passes, we get constricted more and more. That is enough ..! It is time to end violence.

As we approach 25 November 2020, we must remember the resistance of the women who gave meaning to this day. Patria, Minerva and Maria Teresa Mirabal were assassinated 60 years ago in their struggle to liberate the Dominican Republic from fascism. They were brutally murdered because they were part of the active resistance against the Trujillo dictatorship, so the International Day to Exterminate Violence Against Women in memory of the Mirabal sisters on the 25th of this month must be considered as the day of resistance against fascism due to the killing of the Mirabal sisters, and the relationship between fascism, violence, and hostility towards women has been highlighted in a way that one cannot separate them from each other.”

Fascism specifically targets women

The statement continued: “Now women all over the world are struggling against the male fascist authorities from Northern Kurdistan and Turkey to the Philippines, Brazil and Hungary, for this reason, unlimited pressure and persecution are exercised on them, and the reason for this characteristic of fascism is its hostility to women, the second reason is the clear struggle of women during the pioneering dynamic for democracy and freedom. Since the fascist regimes are fully aware of this, they attack women first and in particular to terrorize society and impede its struggle for freedom and democracy.”

The statement added: “They target the leading women, and want to undermine the historic ingredients in Kobani, so the representatives of the Kurdish Women Movement Zahra Berkel, Hebun Mulla Khalil and Amina Wessi have been assassinated by Turkish drones, and the Member of our Council Executive Leila has been abducted and assassinated at the hands of the Turkish army. In Mexico, Mayor Fleur Yesil Rios has been kidnapped and murdered. In this context, the number of women who have been systematically murdered in the name of peace in the Colombia peace process must be mentioned, and Briona Taylor, the black woman has been murdered in the United States by the police.

The reason that led to the flourishing of fascism today is its ontological relationship with capitalist modernity, and also its relationship with the nation-state which represents three main pillars of fascism and capitalism, meaning that fascism is linked to capitalist modernity and its nation-state, and capitalist modernity also produces itself with fascism in the third division war that the Middle East represents its center, and the emergence of the fascist character of nation-states was connected with this thing.

We salute the struggling woman

We, in the Free Women Movement in Kurdistan, bless and salute the resistance and struggle of all women who struggle against male violence, fascism and occupiers, stand in the front line to confront the patriarchal system that threatens the existence and freedom of women, and declare that we will not take a step back, as we salute their struggle in the four parts of Kurdistan against men and the fascist state’s violence and their joining the campaign “Against Women’s Extermination, It Is Time to Protect Society and Liberate Women.” We also salute all women detained in the prisons of the Iranian regime and the prisons of all countries that have resisted torture and execution from Rojava to Palestine, their struggle is ours, and our struggle is theirs.. Let us become one hand.

The statement pointed out that “women are not only killed by the state, paramilitary forces and mercenaries, given that the male mentality penetrates almost all cells of society, and as a result, male violence also attacks the will and presence of women in all domains of life. Violence against women is considered a major issue of our era. The things that have been tested this year also show that the dominant male awareness has not receded, on the contrary, it renewed itself more quickly and in a stronger way. This is how we see the coexistence of the global struggle for women’s freedom, equality, patriarchal mentality and extermination is increasing in its system.

The Alliance for Justice, Development and the National Movement are conducting the special war against women

The statement stressed that “who is responsible for these genocides as the lower class of society are men, and the upper class is the state, that complement each other. Men who kill women, practice violence against them, assault and rape them are protected by the state at all levels, and accuse women of being the cause of violence. They receive the man with grace, justify their crimes, and in the name of ‘provocation’ their sentences are reduced. We see that there is a system, there is a systemic situation, and there is cooperation between the state and men on the issue of violence against women. This fact is evident in all parts of the world that women are victims of male violence.”

The women who believed in freedom and reached a conviction in the necessity of women’s liberation struggle against the controlling patriarchal mentality by organizing themselves. In Kurdistan and Turkey, there is a systematic war by the fascism of the Justice and Development Party and the National Movement Party against the will of women, especially in Kurdistan with the aim of eliminating the resistance that is now ongoing in Kurdistan by free women, as the Turkish fascist occupation state attacks women whether inside or outside the borders through the policy of special warfare, women politicians and activists are arrested and attacked. In Rojava and in the areas they occupied, the Turkish occupation state captures and sells women, the leading Kurdish women are also assassinated. In the stage of the Corona epidemic, the Turkish occupation state carries out a daily campaign of arrests against political women under the pretext of the Corona epidemic, releasing the killers of women and everyone who practiced violence against them. As a result of this, every day at least one woman is killed by a man in Turkey and Northern Kurdistan. From this standpoint, it is not surprising that the withdrawal of its signature from the Istanbul Agreement which has not actually been implemented by the Turkish state is due to the common and organized resistance of women in Kurdistan and Turkey.

This is another reality that women; resistance and organizational struggle live in. We stand against all kinds of violence and attacks carried out by the patriarchal system, and our resistance brings results and achievements. In Argentina, Parliament recognized the right to have an abortion in the context of the campaign “My Body Is Mine and the Decision Is Mine.” Women did not allow Trump to be re-elected as sexist. In Belarus, the Lukashenko government lost its legitimacy as a result of the resistance led by women, as women ended this era, and in Poland which wanted like the Justice and Development Party to withdraw from the Istanbul Agreement, women struggle for oppression and control over them, as these examples illustrate the relationship between fascism, racism and hostility towards women.

The statement added: “Finding an organic link between racism, fascism and genocide of women and organizing a unified resistance is more urgent than ever and an urgent need. We are facing original expressions of a global phenomenon, it is therefore of strategic importance that we cooperate in our local struggles. We, the Kurdistan Freedom Movement, started the struggle in all places we exist. With this campaign, we complete the campaign of the Confederate Organization of the Kurdistan Freedom Movement (It is time to end isolation and occupation, eliminate fascism and ensure the achievement of freedom) launched by the Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK), we take the lead, and Kurdish women will take to the streets on November 25th to condemn genocide being practiced against them. They will take their campaign to a high level. On this basis, we call on Kurdish women in Kurdistan and abroad to take strong and effective measures against male awareness.

We, the Kurdistan Women Organization (KJK), call on all female activists to defend the free life in the four parts of the world that stand against fascism and the occupiers’ attacks, and unify the resistance on November 25. Thus, we can defeat the fascist forces that are dominated by the male mentality via standing in solidarity together and uniting the struggle. Therefore, let us organize the front to defend free life and develop resistance against the fascist front of the enemy of women, nature, society and all women! This is the main meaning that we gave for November 25 this year.

It is time to struggle for free women and protect society against women killers

The statement continued: The main reason why we call our campaign “It Is Time for Free Women and the Protection of Society Against Genocide of Women” because we see violence against women as a social issue since what determines the level of freedom of society is the level of freedom of women. Violence against women is basically violence against society, as society is dismantled and the foundations of basic values ​​eroded. That is why we must be able to mobilize society for our struggle, the struggle against violence. In this context, we call on men: Do not be partners and collaborators with fascism! Purify yourselves from the poison of the patriarchal male mentality! We can comply with the leader Abdullah Ocalan who deepened the parental thought and awareness, and developed the philosophy of “killing a man,” practicing it in his personality. “Killing the man (sovereign)” means that a person destroys power, sovereignty, slavery and inequality in their personality. Where the leader Ocalan proceeded from himself and put problems and duties before the revolutionary man, and all the men of society. That is why he was kidnapped 22 years ago by the largest criminal organization affiliated with NATO, and has been subject to harsh conditions of isolation from that day to the present day due to his unparalleled approach to the issue of women.

We, the Kurdish Women Organization (KJK) condemn and denounce once again the forces of the conspirators, call on the women of the world to support the struggle for the freedom of the leader Abdullah Ocalan, and become an active part of this struggle.

Self-defense is a war for freedom and organization

The statement pointed out that “the only way to combat men’s violence against women is through women’s freedom and establishing self-defense. In our day, when violence and aggression deepen in every area of ​​life, women’s self-defense is a struggle and a fight! No woman must remain without protection! Another meaning of this; women must not be left disorganized! Self-regulation, as part of an organized force, can develop self-defense and rise up against all forms of violence. That is why we must be well aware that there is no individual freedom. When we, women, work together for unity against the male-dominated system, then we will be able to escape male attacks. That is, freedom is a prerequisite for achieving it. With organization, you can achieve freedom.”

The statement added: “On this basis, we invite all our sisters and comrades in the world on November 25th, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women to unify our struggle and build the resistance front of the world’s women against violence practiced by men against women and against fascism in particular. We call this the democratic women’s confederation in the world and create spaces for a free life against the male violence prevalent everywhere.

The statement concluded stressing The greatest self-defense for women is to build spaces for a free life. Then we make the struggle of this day not only for something, but also for the sake of strengthening struggle and resistance. Let us protect free women and free society from genocide, and let us build a free life! Shout in one voice, from Kurdistan to Mexico, from Palestine to Poland, from America to India and beyond: Women, life and freedom.”

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