Kongra Star – With the spirit of Sakine, Fidan and Leyla we continue our struggle for women’s liberation

Eight years have passed since the massacre committed against the three female revolutionaries who lived the most wonderful heroic epics in the history of the struggle. We remember the comrades Sakine Cansiz, Fidan Dogan and Leyla Şaylemez on the memory of their martyrdom on the 9th, January 2013 in the French capital Paris by Turkish intelligence.

Comrade Sakine Cansiz, known as the leading and revolutionary woman and a role model in the Rojava revolution. She has played a prominent role in the Kurdish liberation movement, as well as in the women’s history in the world, as a woman fighting and struggling for equality and achieving justice.

She had a great influence on the democratic forces, as she was a pioneer in embracing free thought, and laid the basic building block for the formation of the Kurdish women’s organization.

For this reason, she was targeted along with her comrades. As the aim of the attack was to undermine the progress of the ideological resistance and the women’s revolution, as well as destabilizing the freedom revolution by destroying the woman’s will with a plot against Sakine Cansiz and her comrades.

The Turkish fascist state’s conspiracies did not stop there. Rather, it continued with its arbitrary policy of exterminating free women by committing another massacre on 5th, January 2016, targeting three revolutionary and political women from northern Kurdistan, Sêve Demir, Pakize Nayır and Fatma Uyar. Those who resisted until the last breath to defend their land and dignity, as they were killed in similar brutal methods.
What we are witnessing in recent times from targeting revolutionary women such as Hevrin Khalaf, Amara Renas, Zehra Berkel, mother Aqîde, mother Emina Weysi, Hebûn Xelîl and many others like them by the Turkish fascism and its mercenaries, is nothing but a continuation of the authoritarian male mentality that lives in great fear of women’s power and organization.

Therefore, the ideology of Women’s Liberation is the solution to all issues of society, and the prevention of war and escalation.

We at Kongra Star condemn and denounce once again the killing of the three female fighters, and renew our pledge to follow the steps of the leading revolutionary fighters in the Kurdistan Liberation Movement, and to create the free identity of women all over the world.

So, we call on all women in women’s and human rights organizations to join hands and raise the struggle against the AKP, to continue the struggle for freedom, to defy borders and make it global.

Kongra Star Coordination

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