Kongra Star in exchange with feminists from Abya Yala

Our Committee for Democratic Relations and Alliances had an online meeting with Kurdistan Solidarity Committees and feminists from Abya Yala (the indigenous name for the region called Latin America). The online dialogue with the title ‘ROJAVA: Kurdish women defend the revolution’ was organised as part of the Internationalist Action ‘No to the use of chemical weapons in Kurdistan’.

50 women from Argentina, Mexico, Ecuador, Chile, Bolivia, Colombia and Guatemala joined the online dialogue that was moderated by Claudia Korol, a representative of Feministas del Abya Yala. Members of our committee informed the participants about the current situation in Rojava and North East Syria in the shadow of Turkey’s attacks and threats for a new ground offensive. We explained how the people of Rojava and North East Syria are building an alternative system while resisting to military attacks. Moreover we answered questions about the impact of the use of chemical weapons by the Turkish army, the mainstream media coverage of Turkey’s attacks and how we can strengthen our struggle as women against political femicides.

The online meeting ended with a song on resisting women, sung by the Argentinian singer Georgi Andino in solidarity with the women of Rojava.


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