Kongra Star message to women in Italy

To all people and women's organisations in Italy

To all people and women’s organisations in Italy

we send our warmest greetings from the heart of Rojava, standing for peace and love for all mankind, to all those who are living in a difficult situation due to the outbreak of the corona virus. This virus has cost thousands of lives and has also a significant impact on global social, political and economic security. The damage is much bigger than the consequences of war. According to the World Health Organization, this has led to a global catastrophe in many countries.

Humanity is living through a historic moment and is exposed to disease and catastrophe that have cost thousands of lives.

We, the women’s movement Kongra Star, organising ourselves in Rojava and today we stand by the people of Italy and all women’s organisations working for freedom and dignity. You have now the difficult task to educate society in all areas and aspects, especially on health, so that they can protect themselves from this virus.

We hope that we will overcome this difficult phase with solidarity and support each other and our communities. We support the rapid efforts made by Italy as a population and government to protect itself from the spread of the virus. We call on all the people of the world to support the fight against this deadly virus, which poses a great threat to the existence of mankind.

We wish the Italian people and all other societies peace and health.

Kongra Star Diplomacy

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