Kongra Star statement on the launch of the campaign against the international conspiracy

Statement to the public

Twenty-four years have passed since the international conspiracy that led to the arrest of leader Abdullah Öcalan in 1999. This conspiracy was not only directed against the leader, but through his person, it was directed towards eliminating the freedom movement, the Kurdish people and the free will which emerged in the Middle East and became an obstacle for the interests of the ruling system and the homogeneous forces. They carried out this conspiracy so that the Middle East remains in the dark for another century and they can carry out their projects in the Middle East.

The imperialist powers know that in this coming century the only obstacle to their great Middle East project is the philosophy of Abdullah Ocalan. The capture of the leader was the first step of the conspiracy, and then he was extradited to Turkey. Turkey played the role of the head in this conspiracy, because Turkey itself is the leader of these hegemonic powers.

The capitalist system, which opposes the ideas and thoughts of leader APO who demands equality, the freedom of peoples and the freedom of women, carries out a strict and unjustified isolation with the Imrali system. All dirty methods are being used to try to destroy this philosophy that is being spread all over the world today. The political massacre being perpetrated especially in Imrali, which falls outside any international law, is against all human norms. They want to destroy the key to the freedom of the people, which lies in the physical freedom of Leader APO. For this reason, they have created this conspiracy, and until today, that is, for 24 years, the conspiracy continues in different ways.

By preventing the leader’s meetings with his family and lawyers and taking control of the CPT, they want to implement their plans and prevent any information about the situation of the leader from coming to light using all kinds of dirty methods. Therefore, meetings with the leader have not taken place for more than 22 months, and no information has been provided about him, so it is to be feared that the leader’s life is under threat.

Therefore, we as Kongra Star, the Kurdish people and all people in the region reject these international games that are being played with us by holding our leader as a political prisoner and not allowing any information about him to reach the public. We also strongly condemn the violation of human rights in the person of the leader and this inhumane imprisonment that is being enforced.

Even if we face pain and suffering, we will not leave our leader alone. With the spirit of Apogeri we will not allow the fire around the leader to go out, we will fight more than ever with the slogan “No one can darken our day”, resist and let the conspiracy come to nothing.

Finally, we call on the CPT to fulfill its duties and responsibilities to release information about the leader’s situation and to exert pressure to allow the family and lawyers to meet with the leader as soon as possible.

Kongra Star Council


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