Kongra Star: Newroz 2019 The beginning of a new phase of struggle

the Kongra Star Coordination issued a statement congratulating Newroz on the Kurdish people. The statement said that Newroz holds a national dimension and a special status related to the issue of “freedom from injustice”.

The text of the statement is:

“On behalf of the Kongra Star Coordination, we offer the best congratulations to all the people of Kurdistan and all the peoples who love good and peace and honor our heroic martyrs. Newroz is one of the ancient eids celebrated. Today, many races, the Persian, Azeri and many other races, celebrate the eid. It coincides with the natural transition in the climate and the spring, which signifies fertility and renewing life in the cultures of a number of Asian peoples.

The Newroz has a national dimension to the Kurds and a special status associated with the issue of “freedom from injustice” as it is the new Kurdish New Year to them, and the symbols of the ceremonial fire and others, is a symbol of victory and salvation from the injustice that came from one of the rulers arrogant, there was a wicked king named Dahak. He and his kingdom were cursed for their extreme injustice and Kawa the Blacksmith killed the king with his hand, and to deliver the good news to the people, Kawa lit up a great fire in a very large torch and the sky lit up and the sun shone again and the earth blossomed.

The spirit of Newroz resistance is renewed today through the historic resistance of Leyla Guven and her fellow strikers, as well as the successes and victories of the Syrian Democratic Forces to terrorist IS organization that threatened the whole world which waiting for the declaration of victory.

Newroz’s deepest sense lies in the spirit of the resistance and the Kurdish national achievements as it is to achieve the construction of democratic bridges between the peoples living in the region.

A year has passed since the resistance of Afrin, and the Turkish state wanted to reintroduce the scenario of genocide and demographic change. We will be celebrating next year when Afrin has already been liberated.

Our reception for Newroz this year means that we will resist all conspiracies against us and in the four parts of Kurdistan and on all the battlefields.

In conclusion, we hope that Newroz will be the beginning of a new phase of struggle, love and peace until Syria reaches a democratic decentralized state, best wishes for a happy new year. ”


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