Murder of women is crime inhumane action

Kongra Star denounced the criminal acts that continue to be committed against women for many reasons. The most recent was in the city of Qamishlo, where an old man killed his wife, Kongra Star called for an end to these violations and punishment of the perpetrators and bring them to justice, statement read, today, in front of Kongra Star center attended by dozens of women

The statement noted “We, as women, denounce and condemn this inhuman and immoral act regardless of motives and causes, and we call on the competent authorities to punish the perpetrators of such acts and bring them to justice.”

The statement pointed out that there are still many such crimes committed daily in the world against women, and this negatively affects the development and awareness of society, and therefore: “We demand the cessation of all acts and types of violence and intensity against women as they are the real face of society.”



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