Kongra Star commemorates Qereçox martyrs

Kongra Star Coordination has commemorated Qereçox martyrs in the second anniversary of their martyrdom, and pointed out that as Kongra Star, they would increase the pace of the struggle with free women’s resistance.

Thursday marks the second anniversary of the Turkish occupation state targeting of the headquarters of the General Command of the People and Women Protection Unites (YPG, YPJ). In this regard, the Kongra Star Coordination issued a statement and pointed out that the martyrs thwarted the occupation’s plans with their pure blood.

The Coordination said that the martyrs achieved their promise. “On the second anniversary of the Qereçox martyrs, we promise them that we will continue struggling to achieve their goals. By virtue of our martyrs’ blood, many victories have been achieved, so today our homeland has been a source of victories.”

The Coordination pointed out during the statement that the Turkish occupation state tried through its attacks to target the will of the people, but the martyrs thwarted all these schemes.

“On the second anniversary of these attacks, we affirm that the martyrs have confirmed the will of free women, and with this will, we affirm that we will escalate the struggle,” the Coordination added.

It is worth mentioning that on this day, the Turkish occupation aircrafts bombed the headquarters of the General Command of YPG, YPJ in Qereçox, and 20 fighters of YPG, YPJ were martyred.

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