Kongra Star coordination congratulates workers in Labor day occasion

Kongra Star Coordination noted that they welcome the International Day of Workers with more struggle and resistance, and stressed the continuation of the struggle until the liberation of Kurdistan.

The statement included, “We as a movement celebrate this day, which is the day of the struggle of the working classes, and this day celebrates all the peoples all over the world. We extend our congratulations to the leader of humanity, Abdullah Ocalan. We congratulate all our people and all the workers and hard-working workers for sake of the freedom and democracy and all oppressed peoples, and wish them success and victory. ”

The statement explained the reasons that led the workers to rise up against the capitalist forces that exploited them, and added, “The origin of this feast is due to the Great Strike in Chicago, the United States of America in 1886, where the United States and many European countries at that time evolved from capitalism to imperialism. Capitalists continued to increase working time and strength to stimulate the development of the economy very quickly, and exploited the workers harshly. Workers were working from 14 to 16 hours every day, and got a few wages. This extreme persecution aroused the wrath of the workers, realizing that their union and struggle against the capitalists through strikes was the only way to achieve reasonable living conditions, and put the slogan of the strike, “The Eight-Hour Work System”

During the statement, the Coordination congratulated all the workers who made the finest examples of great achievements and called for the intensification of the struggle on this day for freedom, equality and democracy everywhere.

The Coordination has praised the strike campaign led by Leyla Guven and said, “We will continue our struggle and resistance until we achieve our goals and break the isolation.”

The Coordination concluded, “We commemorate all the martyrs of the Labor Day with all respect and appreciation, and we congratulate our national people and the labor forces. We renew the call to escalate the struggle everywhere and participate in the organized events on this occasion, in addition to unifying the struggle of Labor Day with the strugglers’ resistance in the campaign of breaking the isolation and defeating fascism in all squares and fields.”

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