Susan Dirkerkur killed, Kongra Star calls on world to hold Turkey accountable

Dozens of members of the Autonomous Administration institutions and residents of Berxwedan camp gathered in the courtyard of the camp, at the invitation of Kongra Star, to protest abuses of the mercenary groups against women in Afrin and Idlib districts.

During the gathering, Kongra Star released a statement read in Kurdish, Arabic and English languages.

“We condemn and denounce all the heinous terrorist acts carried out by mercenaries of the Turkish occupation and its proxies in Syria in general and violations against women (murder, torture, kidnapping and rape).” Thousands of women have been subjected to these violations.

The statement also referred to the abduction and murder of Armenian women, “Susan Dirkerkur” from the village of Yacoubiya in the countryside of Idlib, whose body was found, has been raped repeatedly.

“The Armenian woman was tortured and stoned to death by the jihadists, and the hideous acts of terrorists has extended to Afrin after the mercenaries occupied it,” said the statement. “The suicide of Arin Salah Gilo in Afrin was the result of harassment and aggression by mercenaries.

He called on all human rights organizations and countries to do their duty to take firm stand against these “criminal acts and violations against women who have violated all international norms and laws.”


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