Kongra Star calls for worldwide solidarity with Rojava

Kongra Star, has spoken out on the impending invasion of Turkey in northern Syria and called on all forces of democracy and all revolutionary women around the world to take to the streets in struggle and solidarity.

To the world public, to all freedom-loving peoples, forces of democracy and women of the world;

Through the invasion of Northern and Eastern Syria, the forces of occupation once again want to establish their power over the peoples of the Middle East region. The threats to attack Rojava express plans to deny and annihilate the Kurdish people and all other freedom-loving peoples in the region. The recent alliances and agreements between Turkey, Iran, Russia and others are based on the elimination of the self-governing system that has been established in the region and are furthermore motivated by a desire to change the demographics of the region, in order to shape the politics and use the wealth of the region according to their own interests. At the same time, with these plans of occupation and aggression, they want to eradicate the achievements of Rojava to revive their hegemony in the region.

The peoples of Northern and Eastern Syria have prepared themselves for any possible attack and have taken their precautions to ensure their defense and protection. It is not only the Kurdish people, but all components of Northern and Eastern Syria that create and protect their democratic society system and the achievements of the Rojava revolution. As the pioneers and creators of the freedom revolution, especially women express their power against these policies to protect the gains of the women’s revolution.

With the resistance in Kobane, the women-led experiences and gains of the Rojava revolution became a center of struggle for all women in the world. With its commitment to freedom and equality, the Rojava revolution became a practice and hope for women in the world. Thus, all struggling and resisting women in the world must unite their voices now against these patriarchal aggressive and occupying mentalities and politics of war.

By occupying Northern and Eastern Syria, today, the international forces, led by the US, want to put all of the Middle East region under their domination and divide it according to their political interests. It must be understood that this war at the same time reflects a war between NATO powers and the peoples. The dominant powers want to impose a contemporary version of last century’s Treaty of Lausanne on our region. At the same time, the silence of the UN in the face of the threats of ethnic cleansing in the region makes them a party to the anticipated occupation and mass killing. This will negatively affect the entire world. The victory of Rojava on the other hand is a positive example for the future of women and humanity, opening the door to a life in freedom and equality.

Patriarchal mentalities and policies of war and annihilation are imposed on the Rojava revolution and the region in the personage of Trump, Putin, and Erdogan. On behalf of Rojava, we call on all revolutionary women and democratic peoples of the region and the world to struggle against this mentality. Just as the Kurdish people and women and the peoples and women of Northern and Eastern Syria have protected each other against attacks until now, they will now stand together to protect Rojava.  We want this unified resistance to be strengthened by women around the world. We need to unity our voices and spirits at this crucial moment.

The values that were achieved and obtained in Rojava were fought for, namely for the creation of a democratic and free life. In this sense, the defense of Rojava amounts to the defense of a democratic and free life and constitutes the duty of all women and revolutionary peoples around the word. Revolutionary and freedom-loving peoples and women must raise their voices and unite their powers to stand against the annihilation and attack of Rojava’s achievements. We must see this as our historic responsibility to our commitment to equality and democracy.

In this sense, we call on all forces of democracy and all revolutionary women around the world to take to the streets in struggle and solidarity. Let us unite our voices and protect the freedom of the regional peoples together. We once again call on all freedom-loving people to stand against the mentality of occupation and to defend the regional peoples’ gains for a life in freedom and democracy.”

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