Open letter from northern Syrian women to women all around the world

The Women’s Council of North and East Syria writes an open letter to women all around the world against Turkey’s offensive on their region.
As Turkey’s offensive on NE Syria has entered fourth day, the Women’s Council of North and East Syria writes an open letter to women all around the world. NE Syrian women call on all women to join the Global Action Day on the 12th October against the offensive on NE Syria.
The letter titled “To all women and to people of the world who love freedom” says;
“As women from various cultures and beliefs from the ancient lands of Mesopotamia, we are sending our warmest greeting to you.
We call on you to join the Global Action Day on the 12th October to stop Turkey’s invasion war in NE Syria and to overcome fascism and patriarchy all around the world!
‘We are writing to you in the middle of the war’
We are writing to you in the middle of the war in the north and east of Syria forced by the Turkish state on our homeland. We have been living and resisting for 3 days under the bombardment of Turkish fighter jets and tank shelling. We have witnessed how mothers in our neighborhoods are targeted by Turkish shelling when they go out of their houses to get bread for their families. We have seen how a NATO- grenade explosion ripped the leg of 7-years old Sara into pieces and killed her 12-years old brother Mohammed. We are witnessing as Christian neighborhoods and churches are bombarded and our Christian sisters and brothers whose grandparents survived the genocide in 1915 are now murdered by the army of Erdogan’s new Ottoman Empire. Two years ago, we witnessed that the Turkish state built a 620 km long border wall with UN and EU funds to physically strengthen the division of our country and prevent more refugees from going to Europe. Now, We are witnessing that the Turkish state’s tanks, soldiers and jihadist killer groups have removed part of the wall to invade our towns and villages.
‘We are witnessing military attacks’
We are witnessing how the neighborhoods, villages, schools, hospitals and cultural heritage of the Kurdish, Ezidi, Arab, Syriac, Armenian, Chechen, Circassian, Turkmen and other cultures that are living here communally are targeted by airstrikes and artillery fire. We are witnessing how thousands of families are forced to flee from their homes to seek refuge without having a safe place to go. Additionally, we are witnessing the new attacks of ISIS killer commandos in cities like Raqqa, which was liberated from the Islamic State terror regime two years ago with the common struggle of our people. Once again, we witness the joint military attacks of the Turkish army and their jihadist mercenaries against Serêkani, Girêsipi and Kobane. These are just a few of the incidents we have faced since Erdoğan declared the war on October 9, 2019.
While we are witnessing the first steps of the implementation of Turkey‘s genocidal ethnic cleansing operation, we are also witnessing the brave resistance of women, men and young people raising their voices and defending their land and dignity. For 3 days fighters of the Syria Democratic Forces SDF together with YPJ and YPG have been fighting successfully in the forefront to prevent Turkey‘s invasion and massacres. Women and people of all ages are a part of all fields of this resistance to defend humanity and the gains and values of the women’s revolution in Rojava.
As women, we are determined to fight until we achieve the victory of peace, freedom and justice. To achieve our goal, we rely on the international solidarity and common struggle of women and all people who love freedom.”
Women’s demands
“ * Stop Turkey‘s invasion and occupation in North and Eastern Syria immediately
*Establish a No-Fly-Zone for the protection of the people’s lives in North and East Syria
*Prevent further war crimes and ethnic cleansing by Turkish army forces, ISIS, El Nusra and other jihadist killer organisations
*Ensure the conviction of all war criminals according to international law
*Stop weapon trade with Turkey
*Implement political and economical sanctions against Turkey
*Take immediate steps for a political solution of the crisis in Syria with the representation and participation of all different national, cultural and religious communities in Syria”
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