YPJ commemorate 5th anniversary of Arin, Rivana’s martyrdom

The fighters of the Women’s Protection Units in the Euphrates region renewed their pledge to fight for freedom and follow the martyrs’ path during a military parade marking the fifth anniversary of the martyrdom of Rivana Kobani and Arin Mirkan in Kobani resistance.

The Women’s Protection Units(YPJ) commemorated the fifth anniversary of the martyrdom of Rivana Kobani and Arin Mirkan, who carried out two suicide attacks against ISIS mercenaries during the attacks on Kobani on September 15, 2014.

The military parade ceremony was held at the martyr’s shrine in Kobani canton in the Euphrates region. The commander of YPJ, Kurdistan Sarikaniya, said: “the resistance of Kobani taught us the spirit of struggle and to sacrifice the most precious we have for freedom through the guerrilla operation carried out by Arin and Rivana to reach freedom.”

Kurdistan indicated that women demonstrated their strength and did not bow to any form of slavery and injustice in Kobani’s resistance and became a symbol of struggle, sacrifice, resistance, and free will.

Kurdistan said that “the history of the Kurdish people is full of guerrilla operations such as Basi in Dersim, northern (Bakur) Kurdistan, and Avista Khabour, who refused to bow to the Turkish occupation and made her body a bomb in the face of the occupation, Zozan, Rivana and Arin Kobani, who defeated the ISIS mercenaries in the city of Kobani. They made their bodies a bomb exploded with tanks of ISIS mercenaries, the sacrifices of these strugglers represent the philosophy of free life.

At the end of her speech, she promised to lead the women protection units to follow in the footsteps of the martyrs and protect homeland security.

After the speeches, the fighters went to the place where Arin Mirkan and Rivana carried out their guerrilla operation against ISIS mercenaries, in Mashtanour and the southern entrance of Kobani.

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