People of Hesekê: We won’t leave our land to the occupiers

A powerful demonstration against the Turkish invasion of Rojava took place in the north-eastern Syrian city of Hesekê. The participants repeatedly expressed loudly that they would only accept the SDF as a defensive force.

In the city of Hesekê, north-eastern Syria, almost the entire population of the city took to the streets on Monday to protest against the invasion of NATO partner Turkey and its jihadist mercenary army in Rojava. Activists of the Kurdish women’s umbrella organisation Kongreya Star, members of the Syrian Democratic Council (MSD), representatives of civil society and teachers and their pupils also took part in the powerful demonstration.

The people repeatedly expressed loudly that they would only accept the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) as a defensive force. “If necessary, we will move to the fronts and fight alongside the SDF fighters*,” demonstrators declared.

The march led through the centre of Hesekê. In a speech SDF fighter Sozê Qamişlo explained: “The invaders know only too well who we are. We are the rightful inhabitants of these regions and have sacrificed thousands of martyrs for their defence. And also in this moment it is again the revolutionary women under whose leadership a great resistance is mounted in Serêkaniyê.”

In her speech, Sozê Qamişlo also pointed out that all components of the population of Northern and Eastern Syria participate in the resistance against the occupation. “For this reason, I remember with respect and gratitude those who gave their lives in the struggle alongside the Kurdish people”.

The demonstration ended with slogans signaling that the joint resistance for Rojava would continue until the liberation of all regions in Northern and Eastern Syria.

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