Women Defend Rojava platform founded in Vienna

Solidarity with the resistance in Rojava also promotes the self-organization of internationalist and feminist structures. In Vienna, a “Women Defend Rojava” platform has been established. The alliance announced its foundation with the following declaration:

“On 28th of November 2019, the platform Women Defend Rojava – Vienna was founded. Our aim is to vigorously support the women’s revolution of Rojava and to defend its values and principles. In order to do so, we will enter into exchange with international and local feminist groups and work towards a practice of feminist solidarity among us. An attack on one is an attack on all- Jin Jiyan Azadî!”

The international campaign “Women Defend Rojava” was created following the Turkish war of aggression against Northern Syria. The initiators called for the establishment of local platforms to stop the Turkish invasion and save Rojava. In many European cities, women have responded to this call and created their own platforms.

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