Haifa Arabo: YPJ is the force that spread peace in NE, Syria

YPJ were able to play major role in defending the freedom of women, a woman in the regions of NE, Syria, and protecting their gains, until they became an icon for all women in NE, Syria and the world.

the member of the Kongra Star’s Coordination in NE, Haifa Arabo, talked about the pioneer role of YPJ to protect the lands of NE, Syria and defending women’s rights in the area.

YPJ is not only a military force but a force to protect women and society

Haifa Arabo explained that the YPJ began to organize themselves since the start of the revolution in the north of Syria. Through her participation in campaigns and liberation the areas of NE, Syria, it was able to prove to the whole world that it is a force to protect the freedom of women and society everywhere. “

It was a reason for changing mentality based on obsolete customs and traditions

Haifa Arabo added that: “The YPJ from the beginning of their establishment made their first steps, in order to protect women and their freedom, and through their struggle they changed the masculine mentality that had been imposed on women, and managed to spread the concept of self-protection among society.”

Women’s Protection Units YPJ have increased women’s confidence

Haifa Arabo also indicated that the struggle of the Women’s Protection Units with their free will was able to liberate thousands of women from Rojava, Şengal province and the regions of NE, Syria, and through this will she managed to attract the world’s attention to it and became a magnet for the participation of many international women in its ranks.

She also added that: “Women’s Protection Units YPJ are the only force that has been able to spread peace in NE, Syria.”

By their resistance, the world got to know their struggle

Haifa Arabo showed that the world got to know the struggle of women in NE, Syria through the resistance shown by the YPJ in Rojava and managed to become the mirror of the revolution in NE, Syria.

It was founded for protection, not for war

The purpose of establishing Women’s Protection Units YPJ in the twenty-first century is not love for war, but for the protection and freedom of the components of NE, Syria and the gains of women in particular, and thus paved the way for all women in the world to join their ranks.

Haifa Arabo also added that the Turkish state, since its attack on October 9 in NE, Syria, revived the mercenaries of Jabhat al-Nusra and ISIS, which had been providing support to them since the beginning of the revolution, and through its attacks it tried to undermine the will of free women at the forefront of YPJ by targeting Barin fighters. In Afrin to Amara Renas in NE, Syria, the mother Aqidah and the Secretary General of the Future Syria Party, Havrin Khalaf.

In order not to return to the shadow of the masculine mentality, we must join the ranks of the struggle

Haifa Arabo, the member of the Kongra Star’s Coordination in NE, Syria explained that the Turkish state, through its efforts and support for mercenaries from Jabhet al-Nusra and ISIS, failed to control Rojava, expanding its attacks on the regions of north and east Syria, but all this could not break the will that was built on the principle of co-existence and equality. “

And she continued by saying: “The Turkish occupation is trying to restore the masculine mentality through its mercenaries, and therefore it requires us to strengthen our struggle and join the ranks of YPJ.”

Accession is a duty to protect ourselves from extermination

Haifa Arabo, the member of the Kongra Star’s Coordination in NE, Syria, stressed the necessity of joining the ranks of YPJ, saying: “What we are going through at this sensitive stage is that they are trying to exterminate the people in the regions of NE, Syria, so we all have to fight with free will, without hesitation in order to strengthen self-protection in the legitimate right of defense within the YPJ.”

At the end of her speech she noted: “If we do not protect ourselves and perform our duty towards the homeland, no one can protect us.”

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